X4 Foundations

x4 foundations buzzard
Buzzard Fighter
Buzzard Fighter Introduction The Buzzard is a Teladi fighter, available in two different models, the Vanguard and the Sentinel. It
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x4 foundations behemoth
Behemoth Destroyer
Behemoth Destroyer Introduction The Behemoth Destroyer is one of the Capital Ships you can unlock in-game. The ship is available
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anthem game
What is Anthem
What is Anthem Introduction Anthem is an always online action – role playing game set in a beautiful and evolving
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x4 foundations odysseus
Odysseus Destroyer
Odysseus Destroyer Introduction The Odysseus Destroyer is one of the Capital Ships in X4 Foundations. One of the biggest and
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x4 foundations seta
X4 Foundations SETA
X4 FOUNDATIONS SETA INTRODUCTION SETA stands for Singularity Engine Time Accelerator and is the most valuable tool in X4 Foundations.
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x4 foundations eclipse
Eclipse Fighter
Eclipse Fighter Introduction The Eclipse is another Argon fighter that you can unlock in-game by increasing your reputation with the
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