star citizen 600i

Star Citizen 600i


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Welcome to the Star Citizen 600i Review. Make sure to bookmark the link as i will keep updating the page whenever there are changes to this ship. The 600i is a luxurious and stylish multi-role vessel from Origin.




By utilizing a modular technology the 600i can perform a number of different tasks. Based on the module equipped and used, the 600i can operate as a luxurious Touring vessel or an efficient Explorer.

In the future it will be possible to swap modules and perform the activity of your choice. This feature is not yet implemented though so the 600i is available in two different variants, the Touring and the Explorer one.

600i Touring

The Touring variant of the 600i comes with an impressive lounge area, occupying the rear half of the vessel. A two-floor area that is equipped with all the required amenities to embark on a touring trip and entertain your guests. Inside the touring module of the 600i you can find the main lounge area with luxurious sofas, a bar, a fully equipped kitchen with a dining area, holoscreens and a pool table.

What makes this area truly impressive is the 600i’s rear window that offers a breathtaking view. The rear window is present in both variants.

600i Explorer

The Explorer variant of the 600i transforms the vessel into a very efficient exploration ship, capable of performing every kind of exploration.

The exploration module replaces the lounge with a garage, capable of carrying a rover around as well as more extensive mapping systems and scanning gear. It also adds external utility points for additional arrays that will help you discover points of interest and become a successful explorer.



The 600i comes with its own unique equipment, that will help you survive and achieve your goals in the verse.


The 600i is not only beautiful inside and outside but can also be a deadly opponent. Both variants share the same strong weaponry that will help you travel around and explore with sufficient protection.

Three size five mounts and two remote turrets at the back of the vessel and under the hull, offer protection from every possible direction and will keep most attackers at bay. In the unlikely event that these weapons will prove to not be enough, the 600i also comes with four missile racks, equipped with four size three strong missiles each.

For protection the 600i, relies mostly on its two medium size shields.

star citizen 600i



The 600i consists of two decks and offers many different areas that can help the crew to run this vessel efficiently, despite the chosen module or variant.

There are two elevators that can help you gain entry to the vessel, a large and a smaller one. The large elevator and main entrance, can get you directly to the heart of the ship at the low deck. The smaller elevator can help you access both decks and take you directly outside of the bridge.

Top Deck

In the bridge you can find three multi-purpose stations, one for the pilot and the other two for members of the crew from where they can assist with power, shield management but also control directly the vessel’s remote turrets. A very beautiful and functional bridge that thanks to its molded single-piece canopy is offering superb visibility.

On the top deck of the vessel we can also find an observation area along with two scanning stations but also the armory and a suit/armor storage area for when you need to prepare for a short EVA.

Low Deck

On the low deck of the 600i you can find the Captain’s and crew quarters. The captain’s quarters are located underneath the bridge and offer a great view outside but also all the required amenities to relax after a day of hard work. A supersized bed, desk, bathroom with shower and toilet but also space to change outfits before meeting with your guests.

The crew quarters offer accommodations for four persons with beds and private space, bathroom and an area to change outfits/suits. Inside the crew quarters area you can find four escape pods for when the need arises. Three more escape pods are located right outside the bridge as well.

Lastly at the low deck, on both sides of the touring module’s low floor you can find the engineering decks of the 600i. Engineering, utility panels and everything necessary to keep the vessel up and running can be found here.

The two decks of the 600i are connected with a third, internal elevator.


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