Avenger Titan

star citizen avenger titan

Star Citizen Avenger Titan


Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Role
  • Equipment
  • 3.2 Rework




Welcome to the Star Citizen Avenger Titan review. Make sure to bookmark the link as i will keep updating the page whenever there are changes to this ship. The Avenger Titan is the dedicated cargo ship of the Avenger series and a single seat vessel.




The Titan is an excellent ship focusing on cargo activities and not only. At the moment is considered as the best upgrade from the two starter ships, the Aurora MR and the Mustang Alpha but a better option than the Reliant Kore as well. This is because of its excellent cargo capacity that can carry goods and commodities of up to 8 SCU. Like this the Titan is a great vessel for new players and aspiring traders to start making money in the Persistent Universe and continue earning a profit even when they will be more experienced.

The primary goal of the Avenger Titan is to earn you money through cargo activities but that does not mean that it cannot hold its ground in a fight. Thanks to the shared weaponry among the Avenger variants and the very good speed and agility they have, the Titan is an excellent choice for a plethora of activities in the verse including combat.



The Titan comes with its own unique equipment, including weapons and utility, that will help you survive and achieve your goals in the verse.


The Titan has an interesting selection of weapons which is identical to the other Avenger variants. To be more precise the Titan comes with a size four mount on the nose, equipped with a strong Ballistic Gatling and two size three mounts on the wings.

As for its missile weaponry, thanks to its two missile racks, it can carry four in total size 2 missiles, creating like this a very strong combat loadout. The freedom to select different weapons and missiles for your Avenger Titan is what really makes this ship versatile and a good combat option.

For its defense the Titan relies on its two small shield generators.


The number one reason to pick the Titan as your ship of choice is its excellent, for its size, cargo capacity. With 8 SCU you can start your career as a trader in the verse and make a lot of money, while progressing in Star Citizen. The cargo bay is easily accessible from the interior and the exterior as well and will allow you to place manually cargo crates and other items. This basically means that the Titan is a good option for not only cargo activities but other types of missions as well.

The Avenger Titan also comes with a bed, in its middle section, that can work as a log out mechanism plus a small area to store extra components or other items. It lacks a 3D radar and inside the cockpit you can find three screens only to help you monitor the status of your ship.

One of its best selling points is the breathtaking visibility that will allow you to admire the beauty of the Star Citizen universe but also control the area around you with ease.



3.2 Rework


Star Citizen 3.2 brought significant changes to the Avenger Titan and the other ships of the Avenger series.

More specifically now the Titan and Stalker variants have a more spacious interior, making it easy for the owner to move around but to also place crates and items manually. The middle cabin, is also bigger allowing easy access to the bed which works as a log out mechanism. The locked on door animations were removed and you can move around faster than before.

In the Warlock variant the EMP generator room got bigger as well. Lastly on all three variants the mounts were increased to size four on the nose and size three on the wings.

The cargo capacity of the Titan didn’t change and is still at 8 SCU.


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