Behemoth Destroyer

x4 foundations behemoth

Behemoth Destroyer


The Behemoth Destroyer is one of the Capital Ships you can unlock in-game. The ship is available in two different models, the Vanguard and the Sentinel, from the Argon Federation and the Antigone Republic respectively.

A strong Capital ship that can fight multiple enemies but will require an escort to deal with hostile fighters.

Stats & Characteristics

Like always the Sentinel is sturdier while the Vanguard is a slightly more agile version of the Behemoth.

The Vanguard has a Hull strength of 93000 MJ, a container storage of 2300, can store up to forty small ships and have four small ships docked at the same time. Its crew is at 45 persons.

The Sentinel on the other hand has a Hull strength of 111000 MJ, a container storage of 2760 and a crew of 37 persons. Like the Vanguard it can carry up to forty small ships and have four docked at the same time.

Both variants can carry ten drones, 160 missiles, 250 deployables and five countermeasures.

x4 foundations behemoth

Combat Behaviour

The Behemoth may be a sturdy Capital Ship but it is not as strong as other in the game. because of this it requires at least a squadron of fighters to keep it protected from agile enemies.

Thanks to its main weapons and the two large turrets it can bear, the Behemoth can fight against a couple enemy Capital Ships with success, as long as its escort keeps hostile fighters occupied.

The placement of the two large turrets is not optimal and not helping in combat either. To have them both firing together you will have to angle yourself in a specific way toward your targets. Or fire from as far as possible.

Another drawback of the turrets is that the large turret on top is exposed and the enemies can destroy it easily. One more reason to have some escort fighters with you.

Overall the Behemoth is a decent Capital ship that can add some good firepower to your fleet but should never be left alone to deal with hostile fleets.

Loadout Example

There are only two engine options, All-Round and Travel and the difference between them is little. I would pick the Travel Engines for the better travel speed that will allow you to reach your destination faster.

The Vanguard variant is by default somewhat faster than the Sentinel because of its lower mass. You could increase its speed more by equipping Paranid Engines to it.

For Thrusters the MK2 option is the best in my opinion. The better MK3 Thrusters are too expensive for the small bonus they are offering. Not a cost effective option.

Always use Teladi Shields. They are the best in-game. Replacing the main shields with Teladi ones will give to the Behemoth a superb shield strength of 109095 MJ.

Finally I would equip the medium turrets of the ship with beam weapons, to deal with agile enemies and the two large turrets with plasma weapons to use against larger targets, like enemy capital ships

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