Best Space Games 2019

space games 2019

Best Space Games 2019

Space has always being an endless source of dreams. A vast, beautiful and dangerous place where imagination can meet reality and create never seen before miracles.

We most probably will never be able to experience the wonders of space ourselves in first person but thankfully the ever increasing number of great space video games, allows us to live several space adventures right now.

Here is my list of the Best Upcoming Space Games for 2019. Space games, space sims and more that will keep you entertained for hundreds of hours.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

space games 2019

Developer : Double Damage Games

Release Date & Platforms : Early 2019 – PC, PS4, Switch

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is the second game in the franchise and actually a prequel to the first Rebel Galaxy. Outlaw takes place some good thirty years before the first game and is focusing on small and agile fighters.

The focus on fighters will give players the chance to experience more close, personal and intense dogfights turning Outlaw into a more action packed title than the first Rebel Galaxy.

At the same time Outlaw will retain the in-depth economy and rich ship customization of the franchise.

Dual Universe

space games 2019

Developer : Novaquark

Release Date & Platforms : TBA, currently in Alpha 1 – PC

Dual Universe is a rather ambitious space game. A Continuous Single-Shard sandbox MMORPG taking place in a vast fully editable Sci-Fi universe, according to the developers.

Dual Universe is allowing players to mine resources and build their own constructs in-game. From small planes to massive capital ships. Build your homebase, your fleet of spaceships and explore the unknown.

A fully editable universe focusing on player-driven gameplay.

Infinity: Battlescape

space games 2019

Developer : I-Novae Studios

Release Date & Platforms : Q1/Q2 2019 – PC

A match based space game with the opposing teams fighting for control over a single solar system.

Gather resources, build your fleet and help your team to destroy your enemies’ infrastracture.

There are plans to offer an offline sandbox mode to freely explore and test your ships/weapons but not a single player scenario.

Starfighter Inc.

space games 2019

Developer : Impeller Studios

Release Date & Platforms : TBA – PC

Starfighter Inc. is a a hardcore team-based PvP multiplayer space shooter inspired by X-Wing vs Tie Fighter. Starfighter will offer a hard-science driven, zero-g experience and unparalleled freedom to customize every element of your ship.

There are plans for VR support and the developers are working with Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE, and OSVR to ensure the game is fully supported on their hardware.

Redout: Space Assault

space games 2019

Developer : 34BigThings srl

Release Date & Platforms : Q1 2019 – PC

Redout: Space Assault is offering a lighting-fast, adrenaline-inducing singleplayer and multiplayer space combat.

Another space game that is focusing on fast paced action and close dogfights to provide an amazing space experience.

Despite being mainly a multiplayer title, Redout: Space Assault will also offer a story mode, a singleplayer campaign.

Between the Stars

space games 2019

Developer : Isolated Games

Release Date & Platforms : Q1 2019 – PC, MAC

Between the Stars is a space action video game with elements taken from RPG, management and roguelike.

A space adventure taking place in many different sectors, with every adventure being unique. Fast paced combat, ship customization and the feature of permadeath make Between the Stars a very interesting space title.

Outer Wilds

space games 2019

Developer : Mobius Digital

Release Date & Platforms : TBA – PC

Space is not only about combat! Outer Wilds is a very promising exploration, mystery game taking place on an always changing world.

Explore a handcrafted solar system, uncover its mysteries and discover breathtaking locations.

Beyond Good and Evil 2

space games 2019

Developer : Ubisoft, Ubisoft Montpellier

Release Date & Platforms : TBA – PC, PS4, XBOX ONE

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is a massive action-adventure space pirate game that is basically a prequel to the first title.

Featuring intense spaceship combat or third person action in a single solar system with plenty of planets to visit. The limitation of one solar system will give the developers the opportunity to provide us with a beautiful, handcrafted world.

Some details that make Beyond Good and Evil 2 to stand out include the anthropomorphic hybrid characters and the obvious influence from several exotic cultures when building the cities and in general the world of the game.

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