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Star Citizen Blade


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Welcome to the Star Citizen Blade review. Make sure to bookmark the link as i will keep updating the page whenever there are changes to this ship. The Blade is an alien and exotic light fighter, often used by the Vanduul as a scout or a first wave assault craft.




A vessel of superior speed and agility, the Blade can operate as a scout ahead of a bigger military force or a skirmisher, pursuing fleeing enemies. This combination of speed and agility but also the decent weaponry of the Blade can assist you in fighting bigger, slower and heavily armored targets.

Defense wise, the Blade is rather weak with its one only small shield. This is why its speed is vital for your survival. By utilizing its speed and agility you can wear down most opponents.

It is clear that a ship like the Blade is better used in a formation of fighters. Like this it is easier to deal with stronger targets. The Vanduul often use swarms of Blade fighters to destroy enemies and deliver the first strike.

The foldable wings of the Blade make it an easy to transport vessel as well. With only half the size of the other Vanduul ships, the Scythe and the Glaive, a ship with carrier capabilities can transport one or more Blades around with ease, bringing them closer to their target, increasing their effectiveness.

The Blade is a single seat combat vessel that cannot be used for other activities in Star Citizen.


The Blade comes with its own unique equipment, that will help you survive and achieve your goals in the verse.


The weaponry of the Blade is nothing impressive but decent enough for a light fighter. Two size three mounts and two size two mounts along with the ship’s superior speed are enough to take down most targets.

To complement its four weapons the Blade also comes with two missile racks that can carry four size one missiles each.

For its protection the Blade relies on one only small size shield but mainly on its speed and agility to avoid being hit.

star citizen blade


The Blade does not offer any kind of utility. There is only space for the pilot inside a cramped cockpit where you can use four screens and a 3D radar.

The visibility from the cockpit is bad, making it difficult for the pilot to navigate properly and enjoy the flight.


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