Buzzard Fighter

x4 foundations buzzard

Buzzard Fighter


The Buzzard is a Teladi fighter, available in two different models, the Vanguard and the Sentinel.

It may lack the firepower of other fighters in-game but it is still a decent option if you only have access/unlocked Teladi ships.

Stats & Characteristics

The Vanguard is available for purchase from the Teladi faction while the Sentinel from the Ministry of Finance.

The Vanguard has a hull strength of 4100 MJ, container storage of 300 and a crew of four while the Sentinel is sturdier and slower with a hull strength of 5000 MJ, container storage of 360 and a crew of three.

They can both carry twenty missiles, fifty deployables and one countermeasures.

x4 foundations buzzard

Combat Behaviour

The main problem of the Buzzard is the lack of firepower. With only three weapon mounts there is not much space to experiment.

Although a decent option to fight against small and medium enemies one versus one, the Buzzard will struggle against multiple enemies.

I consider it as a nice ship to escort and guard bigger vessels rather than fighting a war on the frontline.

Loadout Example

If you are after a pure combat loadout, the Combat Engines are the best option. The truth is that the Paranid All-Round Engines also could work with the Buzzard well. They offer slightly better speed, acceleration, boost speed and Travel speed than the initial Teladi combat engines, allowing you to get better stats and achieve some balance between combat and travel speed.

In terms of weapons, three Bolt Repeaters is the safe option here. You could pick some stronger weapons, like Shard Batteries or Plasma Cannons but the Bolt Repeaters are overall better.

Finally the best Teladi shields for the maximum shield strength.

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