Cerberus Vanguard Frigate

x4 foundations cerberus

Cerberus Vanguard Frigate


The Cerberus Vanguard is the only Argon Frigate available for purchase in-game.

A sturdy, fleet support option that can assist your fighters in combat or even lead the offensive.

Stats & Characteristics

The Cerberus is an excellent multirole vessel that can participate in different operations thanks to its stats and capabilities. What makes the Cerberus a unique and useful support ship, is its ability to carry and store one small size fighter.

For its defense and offense relies mostly on its four turrets. Two of them are located on the nose in front of the vessel and the other two on the upper back part of the ship, providing cover to the bridge and dock area.

The Cerberus also has two weapon mounts in front and can carry up to one hundred missiles, one hundred deployables, twelve drones and two countermeasures.

It has a crew of fifteen persons that allows you to bring a decent force of marines with you and its hull is at 17000 MJ.

Lastly its cargo storage at 1760 rivals dedicated trading vessels, giving you more flexibility when flying this ship.

x4 foundations cerberus

Combat Behaviour

The Cerberus is a sturdy Frigate that can take a beating and fight against multiple enemies at the same time.

Its maneuverability is not that great and it will be hard to keep your enemies on your sights. Thankfully you don’t have to, since you are rellying on your targets for dealing damage.

Missiles can help the Cerberus a lot, especially when dealing with fast and agile fighters. Defence drones can help as well.

The Cerberus is great at attacking large targets, like Capital Ships. Its size and weaponry allow it to destroy turrets, modules and stay at their blind spot easily. As long as they are engaging other targets.

Loadout Proposition

When picking engines you can go with either combat or travel ones. The difference in speed and acceleration is little to affect combat.

Your final decision depends on whether or not you want to focus strictly on combat or do some trading and exploring in-between fights.

The same applies to thrusters. All Round or combat will work. As a Frigate, the Cerberus is not that agile after all.

The best shield generators Argon can offer that you should later replace with the better Teladi shields.

On the two weapon mounts i strongly believe that you should place a missile launcher or two. Like this you can use the large pool of missiles you can carry and be more effective against every enemy.

It is better to carry more light missiles with you to deal with fighters faster but also bring some heavy missiles too.

As for turrets both Bolt and Pulse can work well.

Split the drones equally to defence and repair or even bring along some cargo drones as well. It depends again on what you are planning to do with this ship.

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