Constellation Phoenix

star citizen constellation phoenix

Star Citizen Constellation Phoenix


Table of Contents

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  • Role
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Welcome to the Star Citizen Constellation Phoenix Review. Make sure to bookmark the link as i will keep updating the page whenever there are changes to this ship. The Phoenix is the Touring/luxury variant of the Constellation series and one of the most beloved ships of Star Citizen.




The main role of the Phoenix is to carry your passengers around the “Verse” with style. Thanks to its luxurious interior and its constellation design, the Phoenix can carry several guests around with safety. The Phoenix will be a popular option when the activity of passenger transport will be in-game.

At the same time the Phoenix can also become the flagship of your fleet, your command center, from where you decide your next steps. The luxurious interior and the materials used, can show off your wealth in-game and how successful your organization has been.

Despite its defense mechanisms the Phoenix is not really a combat ship. Using it like this will only put your crew and passengers in danger.




The Constellation Phoenix comes with its own unique equipment, that will help you survive and achieve your goals in the verse.


Not much to say about its design. In the exterior the Phoenix is almost identical to the other Constellation variants. Only the middle part of the ship, where the touring module is located, is somewhat different from them, more rectangular in shape.

The Interior is an entire different case though. The front and back part of the ship are again identical to the other variants.


The bridge offers a seat for the pilot with seven Multi Function Displays to control and pilot the ship, that also give him access to the four very strong five mounts and the twenty-eight size one missiles. On each side of the pilot seat exists an additional station for crew-members to assist with managing the shields, weapons, power.

From the Bridge you can also gain access to the top and bottom turret of the Phoenix and protect the vessel from every direction.

Crew Quarters

Behind the bridge you can enter into a small room that works as a combination of a mess hall and a crew quarters area with lockers, four beds, a table and couch to sit and an elevator to take you to the surface.

star citizen constellation phoenix

Touring Module

The Touring module is the heart of the Phoenix. With three guest rooms, two small cabins and a large one but also a small lounge area, it can carry quite a few passengers and make you enough money out of this activity.

The main area of the module contains a bar, a dining table and is built with a wooden floor that makes it look a lot more luxurious. Right opposite of the large guest room a hot-tub is located.

Engineering Area

At the back of the ship a small engineering area is located but also this is where you can board the Phoenix’s snub craft and provide additional protection in case of an emergency. An area again identical to the other Constellation variants

Cargo Bay

Finally the Cargo Bay of the Phoenix is located underneath the Touring module of this vessel. In order to gain access to the cargo area you have to use the small elevator right outside the large guest room. The cargo bay can take you to the surface and is big enough to fit a rover.

Weapon – Defense

The Phoenix has four size five mounts that can deal significant damage and are equipped with size four weapons. The two turrets are equipped with two size two weapons each. Additionally it comes with twenty-eight size one only missiles that although are not very strong can still cause some trouble to your targets.

For its defense the Phoenix relies on two medium shield generators.


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