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Star Citizen Cutlass Black


Table of Contents

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Welcome to the Star Citizen Cutlass Black review. Make sure to bookmark the link as i will keep updating the page whenever there are changes to this ship. The Cutlass Black, that was originally considered as a Freelancer competitor, has managed to become the king of multi-role ships in the early game. A true multi-crew, multi-role vessel.




The Cutlass Black is an efficient multi-role ship that can perform almost every activity in Star Citizen. From delivering cargo, to completing combat missions, to even transporting a small force of marines/mercenaries.

Initially the Cutlass Black was considered as just a Freelancer similar ship, a competitor from Drake that could handle more shady business, like Piracy. Everything changed after the Alpha 3.0 rework, when the Cutlass Black turned into the ship it is today and one of the most trusted vessels in the Persistent Universe, for almost every role and not only Piracy.

The ship itself got bigger with stronger armament and a bigger cargo capacity, capable of carrying not only commodities but also two ground bikes and a small force of players. Its ability to carry a combination of goods/supplies, troops and spacebikes make it an excellent option for every individual or even small – medium organizations.

The Cutlass Black is the best option in the game right now if you are interested in trading, piracy, transporting personnel or supplies around and in general most of the available multiplayer activities in the game.

In terms of ship progression, the Cutlass black is an excellent upgrade from the Avenger Titan or even one of the two starter ships, the Aurora MR and the Mustang Alpha.




The Cutlass Black comes with its own unique equipment, including weapons and utility, that will help you survive and achieve your goals in the verse.


What makes the Cutlass Black even better is its strong combination of weapons.

Four size three mounts and a manned turret, that can bear two additional size three weapons, are more than enough to protect your cargo or let you go on the offensive. Strong size two missiles also complement the Cutlass Black’s weaponry, making this vessel even deadlier.

For its defense the Cutlass Black relies on its speed and a medium shield generator.


The Cutlass Black is a typical Drake vessel, without many utilities to offer other than the absolutely necessary ones. In the front half of the vessel, the cockpit is located with a seat for the pilot and an additional station for the co-pilot.

Also here there is a small crew quarters area with two beds for the crew, a weapon rack and access to the manned turret.

Behind this area is the cargo bay of the ship. Big enough to carry up to 46 SCU of cargo commodities, two spacebikes or a combination of both. Additional seats at the back of the cargo bay allow you to carry six more persons around.

The cargo bay and the ship itself, has in total three exits. The main ramp from where you load, unload cargo, personnel but also two side doors that can help with space action and EVA activity.


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