Dual Universe Alpha 2 Features

Dual Universe Alpha 2 Release & Features

Alpha 2 Update Release

Dual Universe had one of its major Milestones for 2019, released last week successfully on Thursday, July 11th.

Alpha 2 is the first of two major updates for Dual Universe in 2019, with the second being scheduled sometime around the end of the year.

The update was released with a slight delay, since it originally was planned to go live during the first half of 2019.

Thanks to this development, Bronze level backers are now also able to participate in the ongoing Alpha test sessions of the game, along with Silver and Gold level backers.

Worth mentioning that testing the Dual Universe Alpha is still under a strict NDA.

Alpha 2 Features

Alpha 2 brings improvements and new features to Dual Universe.

Major new features include Industry, the Barter system and a Talent Tree.

Industry : Using Nanoformers to create industries, allowing you to craft larger recipes or mass produce elements.

Barter System : Players are able to trade directly.

Talent Tree : Allows players to allocate talent points to specific skills.

Graphic Improvements : Better Water surfaces and Volumetric Clouds.

More changes and new features coming soon. Existing Dual Universe backers can test the game right now.

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