Eclipse Fighter

x4 foundations eclipse

Eclipse Fighter


The Eclipse is another Argon fighter that you can unlock in-game by increasing your reputation with the Federation to Rank 10.

A heavy fighter that is quite sturdy and flexible, thanks to its good Hull and Storage container.

Stats & Characteristics

What makes the Eclipse to stand out as a fighter is its four weapon mounts and its rather strong hull at 4000 MJ. A fighter with many good offensive and defensive options that can fight outnumbered and triumph.

Its Storage container is at 320, which makes it a decent option for carrying wares around for profit. It has a crew of four persons and can carry twenty missiles, fifty deployables and one countermeasures.

x4 foundations eclipse

Combat Behaviour

The Eclipse is a capable fighter. Although described as a Heavy Fighter, it is nimble and very effective when fighting outnumbered.

Small and Medium size enemies have no chance against it but can also be used to disable larger vessels.

Its good speed, acceleration and boost speed make it an excellent option for solo flying or in groups with other fighters, escorting your larger ships for example.

Loadout Proposition

Thanks to its four weapon mounts you can experiment with many different combinations. The usual four Bolt Repeaters or Plasma Cannons can work well. Because of its strong hull, the Eclipse can bear four Shard Batteries successfuly and get closer to stronger enemies.

Having one missile launcher could be helpful when dealing with more than 1-2 enemies though.

As for engines i would go with the combat ones for the better speed, acceleration and boost speed. Paranid Combat engines to be more precise and the best Teladi Shields available for better protection.

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