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Star Citizen Eclipse


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Welcome to the Star Citizen Eclipse review. Make sure to bookmark the link as i will keep updating the page whenever there are changes to this ship. The Aegis Eclipse is a Stealth Bomber in the Universe of Star Citizen, the first of its kind.




The Eclipse is not a brawler. On the contrary is a delicate and quite fragile vessel with a very deadly payload. The main gameplay of the Eclipse revolves around staying hidden, waiting for the right moment to strike.

The combination of stealth components and the strong size nine torpedoes it carries, makes the Eclipse a fearsome opponent for every military force and especially big and slow capital ships. The ideal targets for this stealth bomber will be unsuspecting enemies or hostiles already engaged with allied forces.

The three size nine torpedoes each Eclipse bomber is carrying, can cripple or even destroy larger ships. A squadron of Eclipse bombers could decimate the flagships and most important vessels of the enemy.

The Eclipse is obviously the most vulnerable right after its torpedo strike. A successful strike will give valuable moments to the pilot to escape and hide again. But if things don’t go as planned then the enemy could destroy this bomber with ease.

The intended gameplay of this vessel will require a lot of practice and skills to perform it properly. Staying close to friendly forces, when possible, could also play a vital role to an Eclipse’s survival.

The Eclipse is first and foremost a combat vessel. It can only be used for warfare and is not possible to use it for other activities.


The Eclipse comes with its own unique equipment, that will help you survive and achieve your goals in the verse.


What makes the Eclipse to stand out as a bomber is the three size nine torpedoes it carries. One of the strongest missile weaponry in the game that can cripple or destroy big Capital ships and destroy with ease smaller vessels.

The Eclipse is also equipped with two size two ballistic gatlings, weapons that can deal significant damage to most attackers but will not be enough to save you from a dedicated fighter. This is why confrontations with fighters and in general ships with superior firepower should be avoided at all costs.

For its defense the Eclipse relies on its two small size shields but mostly on its stealth technology and its ability to remain undetected by the enemy.

star citizen eclipse


The Eclipse does not offer anything special in terms of utility. There is only space for the pilot in the interior, inside a quite cramped cockpit. The visibility from the cockpit is optimal for focused torpedo strikes but will not help you in a traditional dogfight scenario.

One special characteristic of the Eclipse is its foldable wings. Thanks to this, capital ships like the Javelin, can carry the Eclipse around getting it closer to its target and increasing its operational capabilities.


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