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Star Citizen Freelancer


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Welcome to the Star Citizen Freelancer review. Make sure to bookmark the link as i will keep updating the page whenever there are changes to this ship. The MISC Freelancer base model is the dedicated cargo ship of the series that can transfer around the Persistent Universe goods and commodities with ease.




The Freelancer from MISC has always been a reliable cargo solution for traders in Star Citizen. Thanks to its spacious cargo bay, four man crew and strong armament the Freelancer can carry goods and commodities while keeping your cargo and crew safe from attacks of any kind.

The main role of the Freelancer is trading and in general cargo activities. Although the chassis of the Freelancer has been repurposed and used for other activities, with the other variants of the series, the base model is only good at delivering goods and commodities. Trading is what its owner should use it mainly for.

Despite being a dedicated cargo vessel you can still use it for completing specific delivery missions or carrying around ground vehicles – spacebikes, like the Dragonfly or the Nox.

After the rework of the Cutlass Black, the Freelancer is not the number one option for cargo activities anymore. Slower and not so flexible as the Cutlass, the Freelancer has some problems justifying its place in the verse especially when discussing the ability to perform many activities simultaneously.

Thanks to its cargo capacity of 66 SCU though, it is still a good option for pure cargo activities.




The Freelancer is equipped with some strong forward weapons but also a manned turret to protect your cargo and crew.

Four size three mounts can destroy any enemy in front of the ship while the manned turret, with its two size two weapons, can provide protection from every direction. A combination of size three and size two missiles also present on the Freelancer, complement its weaponry and provide even better protection and security.

The ships’ defense is based mainly on its two medium shields and its weapons stopping power since its agility is not that great. Small and agile enemies might create some trouble to a Freelancer owner.

star citizen freelancer


The Freelancer has a crew of four and everything necessary to accommodate them with. In the cockpit there is a seat for the pilot but also three additional stations for the other crewmembers to assist with managing your power, shield etc. Four beds, one for each crewmember, mean that everyone will have a place to log out when in deep space.

The biggest utility of the Freelancer is of course its cargo bay. A big enough area that can transport up to 66 SCU of cargo around and help you become a successful trader.


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