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Star Citizen Gladius


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Welcome to the Star Citizen Gladius review. Make sure to bookmark the link as i will keep updating the page whenever there are changes to this ship. The Gladius is one of the most beloved and recognizable combat ships of Star Citizen. Usually is one of the first ship upgrades for new players.




The Gladius is a single-seat light fighter that offers a great balance of speed, protection and firepower. Thanks to this combination it can perform with success a number of different combat activities. From scouting ahead, patrolling an area or pursuing an enemy to even acting as an escort ship.

The Gladius is first and foremost a combat vessel. A dedicated light fighter that you cannot use for other activities. Its role will always be to assist your military fleet in combat.

As a light fighter the Gladius can operate alone but its effectiveness will improve in a group with other military vessels. When used in a formation with other light fighters can be a deadly opponent for even bigger and stronger ships.

star citizen gladius



The Gladius comes with its own unique equipment that will help you survive and achieve your goals in the verse.


The weapons of the Gladius are quite good for a light fighter. Three size three mounts give to the pilot the ability to experiment with many different combinations of strong weapons and create an effective loadout.

To complement its weapons, the Gladius also carries six strong missiles. Four size two and two size three missiles to be more precise.

For its protection the Gladius relies on two small shields. This combination of strong weapons, decent shields and superb speed is what makes the Gladius to stand out among other light fighters.

The Gladius is mainly using military components. This is in order to increase its performance and this is the upgrading path its owner should follow.


The Gladius is not offering any kind of utility since there is only place for the pilot inside the cockpit. Four screens and a 3D radar help with navigation and monitoring the ship’s status.

The visibility from the cockpit is excellent though offering better control of the surrounding area.



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