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Star Citizen Hammerhead

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Welcome to the Star Citizen Hammerhead review. Make sure to bookmark the link as i will keep updating the page whenever there are changes to this ship. The Hammerhead is one of the Capital ships of Star Citizen, tasked mainly with the protection of other capital ships and fleets from fighters and light bombers.




The Hammerhead is in reality a turret platform, a heavy gunship and an essential tool for every military fleet. Its role is to protect other, more important capital ships and its fleet in general, from fighters and light bombers attacks. To achieve this the Hammerhead is equipped with six turrets, covering every side, providing a 360 degrees protection.

Although a capital ship, it is the smallest military capital ship in game, with a length of 115 meters. It can carry a crew of three to nine persons, making it very easy to man one and deploy it effectively. Thanks to its small, for a capital ship, size the Hammerhead is fast enough to protect a big enough area. The low crew requirements make this ship excellent for every kind of organization and not only very big ones. Pure military organizations or even mercenary – pirate  groups can use the Hammerhead with success to fulfill their goals.

One of the biggest advantages of this ship is of course the excellent coverage and arcs of fire of its turrets. To achieve this though, the turrets are somewhat exposed, which could be the ship’s Achilles heel. A well organized hostile force could target and destroy the turrets, creating like this entry points to the ship itself. Because of this, it will be better to always have the maximum number of crew-members inside the ship. Not only for overall better combat efficiency but also to protect yourself in case of a hostile boarding action.


The Hammerhead comes with its own unique equipment, that will help you survive and achieve your goals in the verse.


The Hammerhead is mainly a turret platform and its weaponry consists entirely of turrets. In total it comes equipped with six turrets that bear four size four weapons each, giving to the ship a formidable firepower. With 24 size four weapons covering every side the Hammerhead is more than capable of providing adequate protection to its fleet.

You can equip most of its turrets with special tools, computer blades, to allow a small crew to use them directly from one of the stations aboard the bridge of the ship.

Even if the Hammerhead’s turrets fail to destroy or push back a hostile force, the ship can still rely on its missile weaponry. With 32 size three missiles, the Hammerhead can destroy multiple smaller targets or cause significant damage to bigger ships as well.

For protection the Hammerhead relies on two large shield generators and of course the firepower from its turrets. One thing we have to mention is the lack of any kind of point defense systems, that make the ship vulnerable to torpedo attacks. Some of its turrets could be equipped with dedicated anti-missile weapons but that would reduce the overall firepower of the Hammerhead.


The ship comes with a crew quarters area, amenities for the crew and a small cargo bay with a 40 SCU cargo capacity. This cargo capacity is perfect to store supplies and loot after a fight but you can also use it to make some extra money out of trading goods.

star citizen hammerhead

Additional Info

To make the ship fast the developers have decided to create the Hammerhead with a hole in its front half part. A design choice to reduce the ship’s overall mass.


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