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Star Citizen Hurricane


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Welcome to the Star Citizen Hurricane review. Make sure to bookmark the link as i will keep updating the page whenever there are changes to this ship. The Hurricane is a two-seat heavy combat vessel that relies on its speed and strong turret to achieve results.




The Hurricane is a heavy fighter with a very offensive approach to combat. The gameplay of this vessel revolves around its superior speed and very strong turret.

Its design reminds me of an arrow flying straight to its target. The entire gameplay of the Hurricane revolves around its speed and strong turret and the ship itself was built with “Boom and Zoom” tactics in mind. Approach your target at full speed, hitting him with everything you have and fly past him while your gunner keeps firing. Rinse and repeat until your target is dead.

The turret at the center of the vessel is what makes the Hurricane a deadly opponent. Equipped with four strong ballistic weapons, it can hit targets in every direction. To use this vessel effectively you will need both a pilot and a gunner, since the pilot can only use two of the ship’s six weapons for now.

The Hurricane may be fast and have strong weapons  but at the same time lacks agility. Despite the protection its turret can offer from every direction, it can still be quite vulnerable when fighting more nimble crafts. This is why it will be best to fly in formation with other fighters, Hurricanes or not, that can increase your offensive capabilities but also protect you in case of an ambush.

The Hurricane is strictly a combat ship that cannot perform other activities in the verse.


The Hurricane comes with its own unique equipment, that will help you survive and achieve your goals in the verse.


With six strong Ballistic weapons the Hurricane can decimate every opponent and help you emerge victorious from every fight. Two of those weapons are equipped on two size four mounts on the nose, that the pilot can control directly while the other four size three weapons, are equipped on the central turret of the vessel and are controlled by the gunner. This combination of weapons offers protection from every direction and increases your offensive capabilities.

It is important to mention that in order to take advantage of the ship’s superior armament, a gunner must be present. The pilot at the moment can only control the two weapons on the nose.

To complement its ballistic loadout the Hurricane also bears four missile racks with one size two missile each.

For protection the vessel relies on its two small size military shields but mainly its superior speed to evade enemies and control the fight.

star citizen hurricane


The Hurricane lacks any kind of utility. As a dedicated heavy fighter it only has enough space for the pilot and gunner. Inside the cockpit the pilot can use four screens and a 3D radar to navigate around. The gunner can also assist the pilot in power – shield management, since his seat offers four screens as well for that purpose.

The visibility from the cockpit is ok but it could have been better. Lastly the two crew-members of the Hurricane can enter the vessel with the use of a some sort of an elevator seat. An inefficient way of gaining entry to the vessel that is not affecting the ship’s performance though.


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