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Star Citizen Javelin Destroyer


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Welcome to the Star Citizen Javelin Review. Make sure to bookmark the link as i will keep updating the page whenever there are changes to this ship. The Javelin Destroyer is one of the largest Capital Ships in Star Citizen. A deadly ship with impressive weaponry and capabilities that can operate as the flagship of your military fleet or a devastating weapon when assaulting an enemy.




The Javelin is a fearsome Capital Ship, equipped with some of the strongest weapons in the Star Citizen lore. The Javelin is also a modular capital ship that can replace specific parts of the interior with other and perform more peaceful tasks. Despite this capability I cannot see the Javelin being used for activities other than combat or power projection.

It certainly has the capacity to add scientific or exploration equipment and perform similar tasks but something like that can only be a side project.

The cost to acquire and fully equip a Javelin Destroyer will be enormous. Only very big organizations will be able to properly equip, man and field one.


The Javelin comes with its own unique equipment, that will help you survive and achieve your goals in the verse.


The weaponry of the Javelin is truly impressive. Its armament consists of many turrets and torpedo bays that can deal with several enemies of every size.

Its thirteen turrets that bear size six and size eight weapons, will keep most attackers at bay and protect the Destroyer from bomber attacks.

The main weapon system of the Javelin though is the deadly size twelve torpedoes it is carrying. These are the biggest torpedoes that exist in the game’s lore right now and a devastating weapon system to use against bigger targets, including other capital ships.

The size twelve torpedoes of the Javelin Destroyer is exactly what gives to this ship its Capital Ship killer title.

For its protection the Javelin relies on four capital and four large shields.



The interior design of the Javelin is very interesting as well. The ship is divided in three decks, four if we also count the bridge. Each one of these decks has its own important role to play and help with the distinction of activities and tasks inside the ship.

At the bottom of the vessel we can find the engineering deck where everything necessary to keep the Javelin up and running is located.

In the middle we can find the habitation deck where the living quarters but also amenities for the crew are as well as the medical bay.

On top is the technical deck where avionics, electronics, control rooms, the captain’s quarters and the armory are located and above all is the bridge were decisions are made.


The Javelin also comes with a small but very important hangar area. In there a hoplite dropship is always ready for action if the need arises. A rising platform allows the rapid deployment of the dropship or other vessels to resupply the ship.

star citizen javelin

Additional Info


The Idris Frigate was used as an example when creating the Javelin. We could say that the Javelin is the evolution of the Idris design.

The Javelin Destroyer is at the moment the biggest ship players will be able to buy in the game. The plan is to sell “used” UEE Javelins to player organizations, without any weapons or equipment on them.

The players will have to fully equip and bring them back to action themselves, a task that could cost a lot of money in-game and take a lot of time. This combined with the fact that a Javelin will require around 80 players to run it properly, make it clear that this vessel is suitable for very big organizations only.


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