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Star Citizen Mustang Alpha


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Welcome to the Mustang Alpha and the entire Mustang series in general review. Make sure to bookmark the link as i will keep updating this page whenever there are changes to the ships. The Mustang Alpha is one of the two main starter ships available in the game, along the Aurora MR. It belongs to the Mustang series of ships, that have as a goal to help new players to become familiar with various aspects of Star Citizen. It is a single seat ship, meant to carry one only player around.




As a starter ship its capabilities are rather limited but unlike the Aurora MR, it is focusing more on combat. Thanks to its better speed and agility, the Mustang Alpha will provide you with more opportunities to enjoy combat in Star Citizen. At the same time you can use it to make your first steps as a trader since its cargo capacity is quite good for a starter ship. Like with the Aurora MR, the main goal of the Mustang Alpha is to show you what is out there and teach you the ropes of the game.




The Mustang Alpha comes with its own unique equipment, including weapons and utility, that will help you survive in the verse and achieve your goals.


As a starter ship the selection of weapons it can carry is somewhat limited. It has the potential to bear up to four size one weapons, which to be totally honest will be mostly ineffective against stronger opponents. You can equip the weapons on a nose turret with two size 1 mounts and two separate size 1 mounts on the wings. It lacks any kind of missile weaponry.

For protection, the Mustang Alpha relies on its two small size shields. In general, it is a great ship to become familiar with combat in Star Citizen, despite the fact that it lacks missiles, thanks to its agility and speed.


The Mustang Alpha comes with an utility mount, a mount where you could equip a tractor beam for example.

The cargo capacity of the Mustang Alpha is good for a starter ship, at 4 SCU. This basically means that you can start trading goods and commodities in the verse from the beginning and even make enough money to upgrade your ship fast eventually, when that feature will be in-game.

The interior is somewhat cramped and in order to enter you will have to go through a small tunnel under the hull. There is no bed to work as a logging out mechanism. In the cockpit you can find four displays where you can monitor the important stats of your ship. What makes flying the Mustang Alpha an amazing experience is the breathtaking visibility from the cockpit. Visibility that will allow you to admire the beautiful scenery of Star Citizen without obstacles but also to control the field around you with ease.


The Mustang Alpha is just one of the five variants of the Mustang series. Two of the variants are focusing on racing with the Delta being the dedicated fighter of the line.

Mustang Beta

The exploration variant of the series. The Beta lacks the utility mount of the Alpha but it comes with a Jump Engine and a unique Living quarters to assist you in your exploration trips.

Mustang Gamma

With one extra engine, the Gamma is the official racer of the series. Since it is not focusing on combat, it only has two size 1 mounts as well.

Mustang Delta

The dedicated combat variant of the line with stronger weaponry and armor. The Delta comes with two size 2 mounts on the wings, two size 1 mounts on the nose turret and 32 rockets to help you deal with more targets. Thanks to its unique Class Mass Reduction Armor, the Delta also has a reduced cross-sectional signature. The Delta will be, without any doubt, the best starting option for someone interested in combat.

Mustang Omega

Another racer, this time a limited edition one. With three engines and a ramped up fuel intake, the Omega seems to be an excellent option for dedicated racers. It lacks the nose turret like the Mustang Gamma.


Additional Info


The Mustang Alpha is currently has been reworked in Star Citizen Alpha 3.3. The main changes include the removal of the entry tunnel, allowing the pilot to enter by the side of the ship, moving the landing functionality from the wings to the main body and in general making the exterior and interior better looking and more functional.


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