Nemesis Corvette

x4 foundations nemesis

Nemesis Corvette


The Nemesis Corvette is one of the strongest medium size ships in X4: Foundations. The Nemesis is available in two different models, the Sentinel and the Vanguard.

To purchase them you will have to increase your reputation with the two different Paranid factions to rank 10.

Stats & Characteristics

The five weapon mounts of the Nemesis give to its pilot a more direct control over the ship’s weaponry. Two Turrets placed atop can provide additional protection against fighters and other enemies.

The main differences between the Sentinel and the Vanguard model lie mostly on their Hull, Container Storage & Crew.

The Sentinel has a 12000 MJ Hull, a storage of 672 and a crew of seven persons. The Vanguard on the other hand has a hull of 10000 MJ, a 560 storage and a nine person crew.

They can both carry forty missiles, one hundred deployables and two countermeasures.

It seems that the Sentinel might be a better option if you are looking for a sturdy, offensive platform while the Vanguard might be better for boarding operations because of the two extra marines it can carry.

x4 foundations nemesis

Combat Behaviour

The Nemesis can be devastating in combat. If you can keep your targets in front of you.

The five weapons can destroy fast small and medium size targets but they have a rather small arc. That makes it harder to keep fast and agile enemies, like fighters, in front of you.

The placement of the turrets is kind of suboptimal as well, creating a rather nasty blind spot at the low rear part of the Corvette. You will have to move around and roll a lot to avoid being hit by agile enemies.

The slow acceleration, the small arc of the weapons and the fact that the Nemesis cannot turn very fast make it more suitable for attacking larger enemies, like Capital Ships. It seems to be a perfect option for disabling and destroying or preparing for a boarding operation enemy Capital ships rather than brawling with fighters.

It will be best to always provide escort for the Nemesis, to keep it protected against swarms of fighters.

Loadout Proposition

In terms of weaponry four or five Bolt Repeaters or Plasma Cannons can work really well. Especially if you combine them with two Beam turrets atop. I personally consider missiles very helpful so i would bring at least one missile launcher along.

All engines seem to be decent for the Nemesis Corvette. The combat engines will give you a nice boost speed, the Travel ones a great travel speed, to move around faster and the All-round a mix of decent boost and travel speed at a lower cost.

All three options have a really bad acceleration so choosing any of them will not really affect your combat effectiveness that much.

Like always the best Teladi shields you can buy, that will increase your survivability.

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