No Man’s Sky Beyond Release Date

no man's sky beyond

No Man’s Sky Beyond

Beyond is the next major update for No Man’s Sky, planned for release on August 14th.

After a silence of some months, Hello Games have announced recently that they had been working on three new updates for No Man’s Sky.

Instead of delivering three separate patches throughout the year they have decided to merge all of them into one huge update, Beyond.


Beyond will consist of three different components :

  • No Man’s Sky Online
  • No Man’s Sky Virtual Reality ( VR )
  • Version 2.0

No Man’s Sky Online

The first component will turn No Man’s Sky into a true multiplayer, online experience. Players will be able to meet and play together easier and in a better way than now.

No Man’s Sky Online adds the Nexus in-game. A multiplayer hub area where players can meet and embark on a journey together.

The Nexus will feature several new shops to upgrade your character and spaceships as well as multiplayer missions boards. Players can accept missions and complete them with the help of strangers.

No Man’s Sky Online will not require a subscription, will not include microtransactions and will be free for all existing players. Like with everything else Beyond will bring to the game.

no man's sky beyond

No Man’s Sky VR ( Virtual Reality )

The entire game will be brought to life with VR. Beyond will turn the game into a living, breathing experience and allow us to enjoy space exploration in a new, exciting way.

From the few screens Hello Games have shared, we can see that they are working on turning the entire game into a VR experience instead of just offering a separate mode.

No Man’s Sky VR will come to Steam and Playstation with an exclusive retail release on PS4.

Version 2.0

The third and final component of Beyond is basically a compilation of smaller but important fixes and additions to No Man’s Sky.

Some of the most important include the addition of new industrial building parts, so players can start making miners, extractors or even factories.

The ability to create bigger and better bases, with the help of other players, that will have electricity and logics or even the chance to tame, ride and milk! creatures.

The Universe will expand with new Alien worlds and systems as well.

No Man’s Sky Beyond Release

No Man’s Sky Beyond will be released for free to all existing owners of the game on August 14th 2019.

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