No Man’s Sky Next Trading & Economy Guide

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No Man’s Sky Next Trading & Economy Guide


Trading in No Man’s Sky is one of the best and most reliable ways of making money in the game. Thanks to the way the No Man’s Sky Economy works it is possible for players to discover and follow profitable loops, called trade routes, in order to earn millions of units fast.

The profit from this activity relies heavily on the different types of economy, the strength of each economy but also the location from where you buy or sell your goods.


Types of Economy


There are currently seven major Economy types in the No Man’s Sky Universe. Each Economy sells and buys specific trade commodities, creating trade routes with other economies and an opportunity for players to make a lot of money.

Each one of the seven economies is divided in four subcategories and is depicted on the Galactic map with a different color and icon.

The major economies of No Man’s Sky are :

  • Power Generation, red color and marked by a Voltage Box icon
  • Mining, orange and marked by a Pickaxe icon
  • Manufacturing, yellow and marked by a Gears icon
  • Technology, light blue and marked by a Nanites icon
  • Trading, green and marked by a Stopwatch icon
  • Advanced Materials, purple and marked by a DNA icon
  • Scientific, dark blue and marked by a Beaker icon

no man's sky next economy


Trade Routes

The different types of economy connect with each other creating trade routes and opportunities to make money.

Power Generation systems for example sell commodities to Mining systems and buy commodities from Technology systems. Mining systems sell commodities to Manufacturing systems and buy commodities from Power Generation systems. Manufacturing systems buy from Mining and sell to Technology which sell back to Power Generation systems creating a trading loop in that way.

The first four economies create a loop and the other three a second one. Your trading route will look like that, depending on the group of economies you have chosen.

  1. Power Generation – Mining – Manufacturing – Technology – Power Generation
  2. Trading – Advanced Materials – Scientific – Trading

When creating a trade route it does not matter from which system you start as long as you follow the loop properly. You can find four or three only systems, depending on the group of economies you are following and create a basic, short loop. Or you can continue adding more and more systems for a bigger and more profitable route.

no man's sky next economy


Best Systems To Trade

When looking for a good system to add to your trade routes there are a couple details you should take into consideration.

Strength of the Economy

How strong is an economy is not really affecting the prices of the commodities. But it is affecting the available quantity of trade commodities. Only visiting systems with a strong economy means that you will always have a plethora of trade commodities to choose from and maximize your profit.

Strong Economies in No Man’s Sky are described as :

  • Advanced
  • Affluent
  • Booming
  • Flourishing
  • High Supply
  • Opulent
  • Prosperous
  • Wealthy

Sell & Buy Percentage

On the Galactic map Next to the system’s economy, you can see a sell and a buy percentage. These are very important when choosing systems to trade with.

The Sell percentage is telling you how much higher the price of the goods you sell will be and the Buy percentage is telling you how good the buying discount offered to you will be.

Systems with high sell percentage and the best possible buy discount are the best for trading.

Where to Trade

You can buy trade commodities in space stations and trade outposts. Trade outposts have better prices overall and should always be your priority. It may take a while to travel there but the profit will make it worth it.


Trading Tips


Here are some very important tips that will help you become a successful trader in No Man’s Sky Next.

First of all invest in a good hauler. Having a hauler with the maximum number of slots, 48, is essential. Alternatively a hauler with as many slots possible and as close to 48 as possible will do.

When you are just starting out any hauler will do but you want to upgrade as fast as possible.

no man's sky next economy

Second, install an economy scanner on your starship. This will allow you to see the type of economy systems have on the galactic map, without having to visit them first. It will also allow you to scan and find trade outposts with ease upon entering a new system.

Third, use your freighter to jump around when searching for trade routes. You can jump anywhere without the need to install additional modules and save fuel since one warp cell will last for several jumps.

Fourth, always sell in bulk. Every time you sell a commodity its price drops. If you sell commodities one by one you get a lower price for each one. But if you sell in bulk, all at the same time, you get the initial price for all of them and the price drop will not affect you.

Fifth, under each commodity there are percentages in three different colors, green, white and red. Green indicates that the price is cheaper and in your favor. White is neutral and red is in the terminal’s favor, expensive to buy and bad to sell.


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