No Man’s Sky Next Farming Guide

no man's sky next farming

No Man’s Sky Next Farming


Farming in No Man’s Sky Next is one of the best and most reliable ways of making money in the game. Thanks to the activity of farming you have the opportunity to plant and grow crops that will reward you with a specific rare product after a certain period of time.

You can sell that product as it is, for some fast and easy money or you can use it to craft other, more advanced products, that will net you a much higher profit.


Getting Started


In order to start farming in No Man’s Sky you need first to unlock the Agricultural terminal and the Farmer assistant in your base and learn the appropriate recipes.

If you are a new player to the game the first thing you need to do is build a room, a simple cylindrical room will be enough. This will give you access to the construction terminal, one of the specialist terminals that you can place in your base and allow you to hire an Overseer.

The overseer will start giving you tasks to fulfill, that will eventually lead you to the agricultural terminal and the Farmer. Just for the records the agricultural terminal will be the third terminal to unlock after the science and the weapons one. You can hire a farmer from space stations in Gek controlled systems.

After you have the terminal built and have hired the farmer you can start accepting quests from him to grow plants and learn the appropriate recipes.

no man's sky next farming



There are many different plants you can grow in your farm. The most important include frostwort, solar vine, echinocactus, gamma weed, star bramble, mordite root and coprite flower.

Each plant has its own unique characteristics and will give you a specific amount of products after a certain period of time.

Frostwort, for example, will give you fifty frost crystals every one hour, star bramble will give you twenty-five star bulbs after four hours and echinocactus will give you one hundred cactus flesh after sixteen hours.

These numbers are very important because they will help you calculate how many plants you have to grow in order to achieve a specific profit after x minutes or hours.

You can easily tell how much time it takes for every crop to grow and how much time is left before you can harvest it by using your analysis visor on them.


Farming & Biomes


It is possible to grow crops indoors but outdoors as well.

Farming Indoors

To grow crops indoors you first need to build a room and place one of the hydroponics trays. The small one that can grow one plant only or the large one that can grow up to four plants simultaneously. The trays require energy to operate and thus you will have to recharge them often.

A better way of farming indoors is by building a bio-dome. A dedicated farming structure that offers sixteen slots for growing plants and does not require charging to operate.

The best way to build a bio-dome is above another, already built structure connecting them with a ladder in the center of the room. The reason for this is because if you place a bio-dome on the ground and build a door or connect it to another structure with a corridor, you will lose some of the available slots.

Farming Outdoors

Each plant is native to a specific biome which means that you can grow plants on specific planets without building a room or a bio-dome first. You can grow echinocactus, for example, on a desert planet, solar vine on a hot planet or frostwort on a frozen planet.

Crops & Materials


To grow a plant you need some materials first. Usually chromatic metal but also elements native to the plant’s appropriate biome. For echinocactus you need pyrite, for solar vine phosphorus. The recipe of each plant will tell you the exact material you need to have before you can place and grow one but you can easily find that out by yourself as well.

Scanning a planet with the right biome for your plant from space, will reveal the native element that is required for that specific plant. How to gather the element to build your farm is up to you.

You can harvest it from deposits on planets or buy it from a space station if you can afford it.


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