No Man’s Sky Next How to Build a Base

no man's sky next how to build a base

No Man’s Sky Next How To Build A Base


Building a base in No Man’s Sky can be a creative and very entertaining activity. How to Build a Base in No Man’s Sky Next has changed and players now have the ability to create multiple bases on beautiful, colorful planets with very few restrictions.

The process has slightly changed from the previous updates and can be somewhat confusing at first. Especially for new players.


How To Build A Base


Before the Next update, a player had to find an abandoned base and claim it for himself in order to create his home. This is no longer the case with No Man’s Sky Next.

Players can now create multiple bases everywhere they like and for various different reasons. Making a home next to a beautiful lake, creating a mountain resort or simply building several bases for farming is now possible. All you need to do first is place a base computer.

The base computer is a new structure that allows players to build and claim bases anywhere in the galaxy. This will be your first structure whenever you want to create a new base and in order to create it you will have to use the new portable refiner.

To build a base computer you will need forty chromatic metal, which you can get by refining copper with the refiner. After you have built the computer you can then proceed and claim the base, rename, upload or even delete it.

no man's sky next how to build a base


How To Unlock More Buildings


Placing the base computer and claiming your base is just the beginning. If you are a brand new player at this point you will have only access to a limited variety of buildings. In order to create more elaborate and beautiful structures you will have to unlock more buildings first.

This can be done easily with the help of the Blueprint Analyzer and a bit of exploration.

On the various planets you are visiting exist technology modules buried beneath the ground that you can excavate with the help of your terrain manipulator. To find these modules you can scan the surroundings with your analysis visor. When opened, the modules will reward you with salvaged technology, that you can later use on the blueprint analyzer to unlock more buildings.

no man's sky next how to build a base


Once you have unlocked the buildings of your choice you can start creating the base of your dreams, your home in the stars.


Unlocking Specialist Terminals


One important addition to your first base will be the specialist terminals. These are specialized terminals that will give you access to NPC assistants, recipes and more buildings.

It is very easy to unlock these terminals. All you have to do is build a metallic room to get the recipe for the construction terminal automatically. This will unlock the overseer and a new quest line that will guide you through the entire process.


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