No Man’s Sky Next – Starter Tips

no man's sky next tips

No Man’s Sky Next – Starter Tips


No Man’s Sky Next is the latest chapter in the life of No Man’s Sky, a great new update that is offering an amazing exploration experience and the opportunity to discover interesting creatures, beautiful planets but also build our own home in the stars.

Next is, literally, taking No Man’s Sky to the next level, introducing many new features and improving old ones. A massive sandbox like No Man’s Sky though can be overwhelming, especially at the beginning, so here are some important starting tips that will help you begin your journey with success and enjoy this amazing universe more.


First Steps


If you are a brand new player just starting the game, you are probably a bit confused, trying to figure out how to proceed and craft the necessary items to continue your journey.

The truth is that the starting quest-line is pretty straightforward and will guide you step by step from finding your first starship to building your own base and eventually traveling to other systems.

My only advise at this point is to check every cargo crate lying around your starting location for useful items that will help you get off your first planet.

Early on you will be asked to find and collect some materials like ferrite dust, sodium and oxygen. You can get ferrite dust from rocks and sodium and oxygen from specific plants that you can discover with your scanner by pressing the c button. You will only need a few to complete the starter quest but it will be better to gather more because you will be using them a lot in the game. Another important material you might want to have with you is di-hydrogen, that you can find in the form of blue crystals and extract with your multi-tool. A tile full of each element in your inventory will be enough for now.

Gathering resources is an important and major part of the game. Resources can be found on the surface of planets/moons but also in space. You can collect materials like tritium, silver and gold from asteroids by destroying them with your starship. Tritium especially is very important because you use it to refuel your starship and travel around.

no man's sky next tips

Important Elements


Some elements are very important and you should always keep a stack of them in your inventory. The seven most important are in my opinion ferrite dust, carbon, sodium, oxygen, di-hydrogen, copper and tritium.

You can use those to craft other more advanced products or substances but also to recharge your equipment.

For example oxygen is used for your life support, di-hydrogen to create fuel for your launch thrusters, tritium for your pulse engine, carbon for your mining laser, sodium for your hazardous protection.

You can extract most of those with your starter multi-tool. Some, like copper, will require the terrain manipulator that you unlock by following the starter quest.

Alternatively you can find and buy all the important for your survival materials in space stations.


Portable Refiner


The portable refiner is a new tool in the next update and your number one friend in the game. With the help of this tool you can turn materials into more valuable and useful products. Ferrite dust into pure ferrite, sodium into sodium nitrate, carbon into condensed carbon, copper into chromatic metal etc.

Every element has a different analogy when processing it like this. Ferrite dust to pure ferrite for example has an analogy of one to one. That means that one ferrite dust will give you one pure ferrite.

Copper to chromatic metal has a two to one analogy. So you will need two copper to create one chromatic metal.



To further upgrade your equipment you will need to buy upgrade modules and blueprints from NPC, technology merchants. These cost Nanite clusters, a form of currency in No Man’s Sky.

To earn Nanite clusters you can complete missions that reward them, find them inside buried technology modules or receive them when uploading your discoveries.

Some upgrades are more important than other and you should try to get them asap. Improving your movement, life support modules but also your scanning equipment will help you remain on the surface of a planet for more and reward you better for your discoveries.


Character Customization


In space stations you can also alter the appearance of your character if you like. You can change everything from the helmet and other suit parts to the race of your character.

This is a new feature added with the Next update.


Melee Thrust


A technique that will help you travel faster. To perform it successfully, tap the melee attack button, by default the q button and immediately press your jet pack button.

This will allow you to move faster on the surface of a planet or moon and cover bigger distances.


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