Odysseus Destroyer

x4 foundations odysseus

Odysseus Destroyer


The Odysseus Destroyer is one of the Capital Ships in X4 Foundations. One of the biggest and deadlier vessels that often serves as a flagship for your fleets, leading offensive operations.

The Odysseus is a Paranid Capital ship and available in two different models, the Sentinel and the Vanguard, each representing a different Paranid faction.

Stats & Characteristics

The main differences between the two models lie in their Hull strength, container storage, crew, speed and maneuverability.

The Sentinel has a Hull strength of 119000 MJ while the Vanguard a Hull strength of 99000 MJ. The container storage of the Sentinel is at 2040 and for the Vanguard at 1700. The Vanguard has a crew of forty eight persons, eight more than the Sentinel.

They can both have one medium ship and two small ships docked at the same time but also store internally up to ten medium and forty small ships, operating as a mini carrier.

Finally, they can both carry 10 drones, 160 missiles, 250 deployables and 5 countermeasures.

With a quick look at their base stats it is obvious that the Sentinel seems to be a sturdier vessel and more suitable for pure offensive operations while the Vanguard would be a better option for boarding operations against hostile Capital Ships.

x4 foundations odysseus

Combat Behaviour

The Odysseus is a sturdy offensive platform with several turrets and offensive options. A great option if you wish to go after your enemies’ Capital Ships or installations.

Thanks to its main weapons and many turrets, it can fight against a sizeable enemy force and emerge victorious. Its strong Hull and shields will help you deal with several enemies at the same time. It will be wise though to always provide an escort that will pick smaller and agile enemies off, so your Odysseus can focus on the larger targets in front of it.

The ability to carry several small and medium ships also help the Odysseus to operate as a mini carrier and transport a small fleet around with ease.

Loadout Example

In terms of engines we do not have many options. All-Round and Travel engines only that basically let you choose between better speed, acceleration and boost speed or better travel speed.

Getting faster to where your Odysseus is needed is more important in my opinion, so the Travel engines seem to be the best option.

As for thrusters picking the MK2 cheaper module seems to be the best option. The MK3 module increases slightly the pitch, roll, yaw values at a much higher price. The slightly better values don’t justify the steep increase in price. After all the Odysseus is not expected to roll around and maneuver a lot during a fight.

The Vanguard model has slightly better speed and maneuverability over the Sentinel with the same engines and thrusters.

On the turret hardpoints i believe equipping beam turrets makes more sense. It will be easier to keep track and destroy agile fighters like this.

On the Large Turret hardpoints you should place large plasma turrets to increase your raw damage, especially on the one in front of the ship. You could replace the other two large turrets, under the hull, with tracking missile turrets that will increase the missile capacity to 360 and be very helpful against hostile installations.

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