X4 Foundations

x4 foundations eclipse
Eclipse Fighter
Eclipse Fighter Introduction The Eclipse is another Argon fighter that you can unlock in-game by increasing your reputation with the
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space games 2019
Best Space Games 2019
Best Space Games 2019 Space has always being an endless source of dreams. A vast, beautiful and dangerous place where
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x4 foundations nemesis
Nemesis Corvette
Nemesis Corvette Introduction The Nemesis Corvette is one of the strongest medium size ships in X4: Foundations. The Nemesis is
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x4 foundations venture
X4 Foundations Venture Guide
X4 Foundations Venture Guide Introduction The feature of Ventures is an optional online mode and basically the first form of
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x4 foundations pulsar
Pulsar Vanguard Heavy Fighter
Pulsar Vanguard Heavy Fighter Introduction The Pulsar vanguard is a deadly heavy fighter you can unlock by increasing your reputation
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x4 foundations cerberus
Cerberus Vanguard Frigate
Cerberus Vanguard Frigate Introduction The Cerberus Vanguard is the only Argon Frigate available for purchase in-game. A sturdy, fleet support
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