X4 Foundations

x4 foundations quasar
Quasar Vanguard Heavy Fighter
Quasar Vanguard Heavy Fighter Introduction The Quasar Vanguard is one of the two Argon Heavy Fighters you can unlock by
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x4 foundations weapons
X4 Foundations Weapons Guide
X4 Foundations Weapons Guide Introduction The weapons of X4 Foundations are quite important for a successful playthrough, since they allow
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x4 foundations crew
X4 Foundations Crew Management
X4 Foundations Crew Management Introduction Hiring Crew for your vessels can be crucial for your success in the X4 Universe.
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x4 foundations mining
X4 Foundations Mining Guide
X4 Foundations Mining Guide   Introduction Mining in X4 Foundations is a very interesting activity with a couple different paths
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x4 foundations ships
X4 Foundations Ships & Upgrades Guide
X4 Foundations Ships & Upgrades Guide   Introduction Upgrading your ships and buying new ones is a very important part
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x4 foundations trading
X4 Foundations Trading Guide
X4 Foundations Trading Guide   Introduction Trading has always been very important for every game of the X series. This
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