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Star Citizen Polaris


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Welcome to the Star Citizen Polaris Review. Make sure to bookmark the link as i will keep updating the page whenever there are changes to this ship. The Polaris was the first capital ship created after the Idris, the Javelin and the Bengal that players could purchase and own in the verse.

The Polaris job is to fill the role of a corvette in military fleets, a role that belonged to the Idris at first but to also close the gap between non capital and capital ships.

Thanks to its relatively low crew requirements, the Polaris is an excellent entry capital ship for medium but also small organizations. The Polaris can operate efficiently with only 6-14 persons.




Originally the Polaris role in a fleet was twofold. To defend the fleet with its numerous turrets, acting like an anti light craft platform and to be the spearhead of an attack when needed.

With the introduction of the Hammerhead to the game, a dedicated turret platform, the Polaris can now focus on the offensive and become a deadly and fast assault craft.

Thanks to its powerful armament the Polaris is an excellent attack vessel, capable of taking bigger targets down. With its torpedoes it can destroy or cripple other Capital ships and stationary targets, like space stations or outposts. Its goal is not to brawl with other vessels in the battlefield. Get in the area fast, deliver its payload and get out utilizing its great, for its size, speed, is what makes the Polaris a fearsome opponent.

Although its primary focus is on the offensive, the Polaris can still work as a great defense platform. With its turrets it can provide defense for its fleet against light crafts and bombers. A great choice for fleet escort if a Hammerhead is not available.

Other roles it can fulfill include search and rescue operations, patrolling an area and in general serving as a flagship for a military or civilian fleet.



The Polaris comes with its own unique equipment, that will help you survive and achieve your goals in the verse.


The armament of the Polaris is divided in turrets and torpedoes. With its turrets the Polaris can provide defense for itself and the other ships is escorting while with its torpedoes it can turn into a deadly assault craft.

In total the Polaris bears seven turrets with twelve size 4 and two size 5 weapons, more than enough to destroy any light fighter or bomber brave enough to approach.

The real firepower of this light capital ship lies to its torpedoes. The Polaris has four torpedo bays and the capacity to fire four size 10 torpedoes simultaneously. A crew that knows how to take advantage of the speed and the firepower of the Polaris can destroy strong targets or deal significant damage. In total it carries 28 torpedoes.

To achieve its very good speed the Polaris has to sacrifice some of its defenses. For this exact reason the vessel comes with two large shield generators instead capital ones.

star citizen polaris


What makes the Polaris a truly versatile and useful to have ship is its small hangar area. The Polaris can accommodate a single fighter, bomber or support ship in this area, including the required facilities to repair, rearm and refuel it. Like this the Polaris can bring along a dedicated scout for patrol missions, a light fighter or bomber for combat assistance or even an argo for transporting personnel, supplies or performing search and rescue operations.

It also comes with a cargo bay with a cargo capacity of 216 SCU. Big enough to store supplies or park a rover inside for planetary operations. I personally cannot see the Polaris as a dedicated cargo ship but with this cargo capacity you could make some extra money if you are already escorting a mercantile fleet to a trade hub.

In the interior the Polaris offers all the required amenities for the crew to survive. Additional rooms include an armory, a small medical bay, and escape pods for when things might start going south.


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