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Star Citizen Prospector


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Welcome to the Star Citizen Prospector review. Make  sure to bookmark the link as i will keep updating the page whenever there are changes to this ship. The Prospector is the first mining ship of Star Citizen that can carry one only person.




The Prospector is one of the most straightforward ships of Star Citizen. Its role is to serve as a mining starter ship for players interested in this activity. Since it can carry only one person, the Prospector is a perfect solo option for newcomers that want to try mining in the game.

A vessel that will help you make some money out of mining and help you understand if this is the path you want to follow in the verse.

As expected the Prospector is a very bad option for every other activity, especially combat.  A strictly industrial ship that should not be used for fighting other players or even NPC.


The Prospector comes with its own unique equipment, including weapons and utility, that will help you survive and achieve your goals in the verse.


The Prospector is mainly an industrial ship, focusing on mining. Although it has two size 2 mounts, that can bear some decent size 2 weapons, their goal is to offer some kind of protection and defense against attackers. Actively trying to pursue and attack others with this vessel would not be wise, mainly because of its bad agility and design.

The Prospector lacks any kind of missile weaponry and for its defense relies on two small shield generators.


The most important mount of the Prospector is the size 2 utility mount it has on its nose. This is because here is where the mining laser of the ship is located. An essential tool for the Prospector to perform its dedicated role, mine minerals and resources in general.

With four mining cargo pods, placed on each side of the ship, the Prospector can carry up to 128 SCU of mined resources before it has to return and store or sell them for profit. These cargo pods are dedicated mining pods that cannot carry normal goods or commodities. Hence the Prospector has a 0 SCU cargo capacity, further emphasizing the fact that it is only good for the activity of mining.

In the interior we can find a small crew quarters area with all the required features for a crew of one to survive, including a bed that could work as a log out mechanism.

The cockpit reminds a lot the Reliant Kore with the screens and the Radar being located above the pilot’s head. After all both vessels are made by the same manufacturer.

star citizen prospector

Additional Info


The Prospector is a dedicated mining vessel and the only solo mining ship in the game. Mining as a feature thought, has not yet been implemented in Star Citizen, making the Prospector a ship without purpose right now.

Thankfully Mining is scheduled to make its first steps in the verse with Star Citizen 3.2


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