Pulsar Vanguard Heavy Fighter

x4 foundations pulsar

Pulsar Vanguard Heavy Fighter


The Pulsar vanguard is a deadly heavy fighter you can unlock by increasing your reputation with the Antigone Republic faction.

What makes the Pulsar to stand out is its six weapon mounts that allow you to create powerful combinations of weapons.

Stats & Characteristics

The existence of six weapon mounts make the Pulsar a very flexible fighter that can hunt down a variety of targets.

Depending on your primary target you can equip six Plasma Cannons to hunt down big and slow enemies or six Bolt Repeaters to be effective against agile fighters as well.

The Pulsar can carry 20 missiles which means that you can also bring a missile launcher along.

It has a crew of four persons and can also carry 50 deployables and one countermeasures.

It is not the sturdiest fighter in-game since its hull is at 1900 MJ. Finally it has a storage of 150 that can help you carry some wares around for profit.

x4 foundations pulsar

Combat Behaviour

The Pulsar is deadly. It can fight against multiple targets and destroy them easily. All of course thanks to its six weapon mounts and the plethora of options available to you.

You can customize your loadout to hunt down specific targets or mix your weapons to be efficient against everything.

Its lighter hull also allows to the Pulsar to be somewhat faster than other similar vessels.

Loadout Proposition

A missile launcher can help you deal with strong enemies faster. Having some light and heavy missiles with you is always wise. But with only 20 missiles capacity you can ignore the launcher if you feel like it.

If your goal is to hunt down big targets, like capital ships, the Plasma Cannon is an excellent weapon to use. Six of those will destroy everything pretty fast.

Plasma Cannons are not that good against fast moving targets though. In that case the Bolt Repeaters are superior. A loadout of six Bolt Repeaters will be very effective against every enemy.

You can chooose to bring three of each and split your loadout. I personally prefer a loadout of five Bolt Repeaters and one Tracking Launcher, that allows me to engage every target.

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