Quasar Vanguard Heavy Fighter

x4 foundations quasar

Quasar Vanguard Heavy Fighter


The Quasar Vanguard is one of the two Argon Heavy Fighters you can unlock by increasing your reputation with this faction.

A quite menacing looking heavy fighter with four weapon mounts that can easily engage multiple enemies and emerge victorious.

Stats & Characteristics

The biggest advantage the Quasar has over many other fighters is the existence of four weapon mounts. Four mounts that you can equip with strong weapons and face any threat.

The Quasar can also carry twenty missiles, fifty deployables and one countermeasures. The capacity of twenty missiles is quite good for a fighter and can help you destroy bigger targets, if you choose to bring some along.

It has a crew of three only, which means a pilot and two marines or service crew-members. Its hull is at 1700 MJ, that makes it not the sturdiest of fighters and its radar range can reach 40 km.

Lastly its cargo storage of 190 will allow you to pick up valuable cargo and bring it back home with you.

x4 foundations quasar

Combat Behaviour

The combat behaviour of every X4 Foundations ship, depends on the modules you have equipped it with.

In combat the Quasar can be very maneuverable if you equip it with the best thrusters and combat engines.

Despite not having the highest hull value it can take a beating and help you survive. Even with your shields down, the Quasar’s hull can hold in most cases, long enough for your shields to recharge.

Loadout Proposition

Thanks to its four weapon mounts, the Quasar can have a very strong loadout.

Four weapons of the same type, firing together, would provide maximum efficiency. A nice alternative would be having two strong against shields and two strong against the hull weapons set in two different groups.

To take advantage of the Quasar’s missile capacity my suggestion is to equip it with a missile launcher and three of the same strong hitting weapon. A weapon that can hurt both shields and the hull, like the Bolt Repeater.

The best combat engine and combat thrusters you can afford for maximum speed, acceleration and boost speed.  And the best shield for maximum protection.

Overall the Quasar is a fighter with great potential and strong offensive capabilities.

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