Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Release Date

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Release & Platforms Info

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw has finally a Release Date!

The much anticipated space game that was originally scheduled for an early 2019 Release, is coming on August 13th to the Epic Games Store.

Outlaw will be an exclusive title on the Epic Games Store for a year. Eventually it will hit Steam, sometime around August 13th 2020.

According to the developers, the PS4 and Switch versions are on the way and will come sometime after the PC release.

There are still no solid plans regarding an XBOX release yet.

Its price is thirty ( 30 ) Dollars and you can already pre-purchase on the Epic Games Store.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Info

Outlaw is a prequel to Rebel Galaxy, shifting focus from big Capital Ships to smaller fighters.

The game will put emphasis on cockpit action and dogfights more. Outlaw also offers an economy of its own to master, an interesting main story, several enemies to destroy and many more features.

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