Rebel Galaxy Outlaw – Starter Tips ( Beginners Guide )

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Starter Tips – Guide

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is a Wild West-like space adventure that allows you to travel freely around and do pretty much everything you like.

When you are just getting started though, things might not be that easy. The first spaceship is as basic as it gets and your balance is low, even if you start at the normal difficulty.

There are a couple first steps you can take however that will help you a lot and guarantee a successful and fun run.

Mission Board

Your very first step should be to check the available missions on the mission board, found in every station.

There is a plethora of missions to choose from that vary in difficulty and rewards. Some are simple cargo runs while other ask you to find and kill pirates.

My suggestion would be to accept the simple and easy cargo run missions that ask you to visit other stations inside the same system. These offer a small but safe reward that will slowly help you earn credits and build up your balance.

An easy way to distinguish a mission’s difficulty is by the reward’s color. Green for example indicates an easy mission while white a normal difficulty one.

Merchants & Mercenaries Guild

Before you embark on your first mission, visit the Mercenaries Guild and join for a 1000 Credits fee. This will unlock more trading missions that will also pay better.

Once you have more credits do the same with the Mercenaries Guild. The fee here is 5000 Credits and will unlock more combat focused missions that again pay better.


In every station you are visiting do not forget to visit the bar and chat with the bartender. He can share the coordinates of points of interest with you as well as inform you of market opportunities and bounties to collect.

Sometimes a small bribe may be required to get the info but it is well worth it.

rebel galaxy outlaw starter guide

Ship Upgrades

Some ship upgrades are very important and you should install them as soon as possible.

The most important in my opinion and the first upgrade you should install is the Tractor beam.

The Tractor Beam allows you to collect loot from defeated enemies or items you have found and is essential for your playthrough. The faster you can buy and install it, the better.

Getting a second weapon is also very important as well. Fighting with the one only weapon you start the game with is not optimal. A second weapon will allow you to protect yourself better and destroy harder targets faster. Thus will allow you to accept better rewarding bounty hunting missions.

Using two weapons will put more strain on your power though. This is why getting also a power plant will help with your ship’s performance.

An extended cargohold will be a huge help as well. Essential for making trade runs but also helpful if you are just completing missions or collecting loot from defeated enemies.

The bigger your cargohold, the more you can carry and the better your rewards.

A jump drive is required to use the Jump Gates and visit other systems. Getting one should be one of your priorities, since like this you can accept more lucrative missions asking you to visit other systems or simply because you can jump to wealthier areas with better opportunities.

rebel galaxy outlaw starter guide

Trading Runs

Make sure to visit every station inside a system. This will unlock their commodities view on your system map. Now you know which commodities a station is producing or demanding and you can plan your trading runs more effectively.

Prices change often so make sure to visit stations of interest regurarly to stay in touch.

Distress Signal

While traveling around it is possible to discover distress signals. By jumping to their location an event might start. These can be anything from protecting or escorting a trader or even defeating a pirate ambush.

Successfuly completing an event will reward you with credits, items or simply bounties collected from defeated pirates.

A nice way to find distress signals is by flying around with the sublight method.

rebele galaxy outlaw starter tips

Piracy & Black Market

You do not have to play as a trader or bounty hunter in Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. You can always be a Pirate and a Smuggler.

From the bartender you can learn the coordinates of freighters you can attack and rob of their items or just collect contraband from other pirates for some extra credits.

Once you have a Jump Drive equipped you can jump to a Low Security system and sell your ill-gotten loot to the Black Market located there.

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