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Star Citizen Reclaimer

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Welcome to the Star Citizen Reclaimer Review. Make sure to bookmark the link as i will keep updating the page whenever there are changes to this ship. The Reclaimer is a massive industrial ship, focusing on the activity of salvaging. The Reclaimer is also the biggest ship of Star Citizen available in game with a length at around 155 meters.




The Reclaimer is a massive salvage ship capable of locating deep space wrecks and taking advantage of them. An essential addition for every organization interested in that activity but also a great option for a small group of freelancers.

The Reclaimer can accommodate a crew of up to five persons and is equipped with a long-range jump drive, a reinforced cargo bay and in general all the necessary tools to break down derelict ships into smaller parts and process them for profit.

Despite its menacing look and the many turrets it comes equipped with, the reclaimer can be quite vulnerable because of its size and the nature of salvaging. Especially when using its claw to break down derelict ships.

The best way to take advantage of what this ship has to offer would be by moving around with a medium – large fleet, looking for wrecks to salvage. In that way you will be able to provide adequate protection to this massive vessel and keep potential hostiles at bay.



The Reclaimer comes with its own unique equipment, that will help you survive and achieve your goals in the verse.


Although the Reclaimer is not a military ship it comes with enough weapons to protect itself and make sure that its crew will survive every trip into the unknown.

The ship relies on seven turrets that can bear fourteen strong weapons in total.  One of its turrets can carry size five weapons and the other six, size three weapons. The placement of the turrets is such that provides a 360 degrees coverage. The Reclaimer has no missile weaponry.

The ship also comes with one large and two medium shield generators.


As an industrial ship, the Reclaimer comes with many tools and features that allow to its crew to perform its duty successfully but also survive in deep space for a long time.


The most impressive tool of the Reclaimer is its huge claw, which is equipped on a size 4 utility mount. With this claw, the reclaimer can break down derelict ships into smaller parts that can be processed later in the interior. Two huge floodlights are placed above the claw, illuminating the area of interest and making the whole operation easier to complete.

Three more size three utility mounts can be found on the exterior, equipped with a size three tractor beam each. Tractor beams are especially important for the whole activity, since this is how the smaller parts can be transported easily into the ship.

star citizen reclaimer


Inside the Reclaimer we can find different decks, with each one fulfilling a specific role.

The first deck is where the bridge of the ship is located. Here we can find two seats, one for the pilot and one for the claw operator. Right behind them, there is a room with two seats for the tractor beam operators. By leaving the cockpit we enter an area with additional support stations that also operates as an observation room for the grinder. With the use of the tractor beams the crew of the ship “feeds” the grinder with smaller derelict parts so they can be processed and later stored.

The next deck is the tech deck where the gravity generator, the heart of the ship, is located. In the tech deck we can also find the drone room with its two operator seats. The reclaimer comes with four drones in total that help with collecting broken parts and assisting in the whole process.

Escape pods and an electronics room are also in the tech deck.

The habitation deck of the reclaimer provides the crew with all the required amenities to survive a long journey. A kitchen, a mess hall and separate quarters for the crew and the captain. From this area it is easy to access  a docking collar, a sub deck and two airlocks for EVA purposes.

star citizen reclaimer

The back area of the ship is where the cargo and salvage hold can be found. The salvage hold of the ship especially is massive and can be easily mistaken for a hangar. This is where the processed salvage is stored so you can sell it later for profit.

The reclaimer has a cargo bay with a great cargo capacity of 180 SCU. Here you can store supplies or even trade goods around for some extra profit. We can move between the different floors of this area with the main elevator of the ship.


Additional Info


The reclaimer may be available in game right now but its profession is not. Salvaging is scheduled for implementation sometime later this year.


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