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Star Citizen Reliant Kore


Table of Contents

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Welcome to the Star Citizen Reliant Kore review. Make sure to bookmark the link as i will keep updating the page whenever there are changes to this ship. The Reliant Kore is focusing on cargo activities and can carry a crew of two persons. For that reason it is an excellent introductory vessel to cargo and multiplayer activities as well.




The Reliant Kore is one of the best “starter” ships for someone that wants to make money through trading and cargo activities. It is very different from the two official starter ships of Star Citizen, the Aurora MR and the Mustang Alpha. Their main difference lies to the fact that the Kore can carry up to two persons, a pilot and a co-pilot, serving like this as a very good, starter multiplayer ship. The cargo capacity of the Kore is only at 4 SCU, one more than the Aurora MR and 2 less than the Mustang Alpha.

Despite having less cargo capacity than the Alpha, it is still a better option for cargo and not only activities. This is because of the relatively spacious, for its size, cargo bay that is easily accessible by the crew.  In that way the Kore is a perfect option for buying and delivering cargo crates from and to major hubs and outposts but also for placing manually cargo, found in the verse, inside the ship.

What the Kore is not good at, is combat. It is recommended to avoid any kind of combat when flying the Reliant Kore. Despite having some weapons to protect itself, its lack of agility and the overall design of the ship were not meant for fighting.


star citizen reliant kore




The Reliant Kore comes with its own unique equipment, including weapons and utility, that will help you survive and achieve your goals in the verse.


The selection of weapons it can carry is somewhat limited because of its size, role and description as an unofficial starter ship. Unlike the two starter ships of Star Citizen though, it has the potential to upgrade its armament with a quite strong weapon.

The Kore has in total three mounts, two size 1 and a size 3 that can carry a weapon or an utility item. The two size 1 mounts can only bear inefficient size 1 weapons that will not be of huge help if under attack. The size 3 mount on the other hand could be equipped with a strong size 3 fixed weapon or a gimbal size 2 to provide significant protection against enemies.

The Kore lacks any kind of missile weaponry and for its defense it relies on 2 small in size shield generators.


The size 3 mount of the Kore can be used for utility reasons as well. Instead of a better weapon, the owner of the ship could choose to equip an utility item, like a tractor beam, making it easier to perform activities like collecting cargo crates in space.

As we have mentioned already, its cargo capacity is at 4 SCU, which is excellent for a starter cargo ship. The cargo bay is easily accessible from the cockpit and quite spacious, making it easy to place crates manually and complete like this a plethora of missions in the Persistent Universe.

It lacks any kind of bed and log out mechanics, so the crew of the Kore will have to return to a space station eventually.

Inside the cockpit we can find six screens to always display the most important info about the ship’s status but a 3D radar as well for traveling. Their placement though is not very optimal, since they can be found above the pilot’s head, making it difficult to focus on them in case of an emergency.




One of the most unique aspects of the Kore and in general the entire Reliant series, is of course the exotic design of the vessel. By utilizing Xi’An technology the Kore has two different flight modes, an horizontal one when landing and a vertical one when flying, which is basically its primary flight mode.

Thanks to its vertical flight mode the Kore looks more like sailing in the vastness of space rather than flying, offering a quite beautiful sight.




The Kore is one of the four Reliant variants, focusing on cargo activities. The other three include the Mako, the Sen and the Tana.

The Mako is focusing on photography and news reporting roles.

The Sen is a versatile mobile science platform.

The Tana is the dedicated combat ship of the series.

These variants are not yet in-game but they are scheduled for Star Citizen 3.4, at the end of 2018.


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