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Star Citizen Sabre


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Welcome to the Star Citizen Sabre review. Make sure to bookmark the link as i will keep updating the page whenever there are changes to this ship. The Sabre is a single-seat space superiority fighter with a touch of stealth.




The Sabre is one of the strongest fighters in the game right now, along with the Super Hornet. It is considered a space superiority fighter but technically is a fighter with stealth capabilities since most of its modules are of stealth technology.

This allows to the Sabre to approach an area of interest or a target undetected, assess the situation and attack or decide to wait for reinforcements.

First and foremost the Sabre is a dedicated combat ship. With great firepower, very good speed, agility and excellent shield defenses, the Sabre can attack any target and live to tell the tale. But unlike the Super Hornet, is not a brawler.

Using the Sabre in a fight can be tricky because of how weak it is with its shields down. Taking advantage of its speed is what makes all the difference. The gameplay of this vessel is actually very interesting but will take you time to perfect it.

In the future, when stealth gameplay and tactics will be more fleshed out, i could see the Sabre working as a scout as well. Following an enemy undetected, monitoring their movements and reporting back to its fleet.

What the Sabre is not, is a support or cargo vessel since there is no room available to load cargo or carry items.

This is a dedicated fighter, a combat ship that will help you make a lot of money from activities revolving around combat. Activities like escort duty, hunting down specific targets or protecting an area.



The Sabre comes with its own unique equipment, that will help you survive and achieve your goals in the verse.


What really makes the Sabre to stand out as a space superiority fighter are the strong weapons and missiles it can carry.

With four size 3 mounts on the nose and wings, the Sabre can have a strong combination of size three fixed or size two gimbal weapons. This allows to the owner to experiment with a plethora of different options and find the best combination for every situation. A fact that is giving to the Sabre increased flexibility when speaking of weapons choice.

The missiles the Sabre can carry are quite strong as well. The default loadout comes with two missile racks that can carry two size 3 missiles each.

The combination of stealth capabilities and this impressive weaponry is what makes the Sabre a formidable opponent and a force to be reckoned with. A space superiority fighter that can be deadly at the right hands.

For its protection the Sabre relies to four small stealth shield generators.


The Sabre, as a dedicated combat ship, lacks any kind of utility. There is only space for the pilot inside the cockpit and no additional room for cargo or to simply place some crates manually.

Inside the cockpit we can find four screens that will help you monitor the status of your ship and targets, as well as a 3D radar for easy traveling.

The visibility from the cockpit is decent and will allow you to monitor the area around you with ease.


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