Star Citizen 100i Concept

star citizen 100i

Star Citizen 100i Concept & 100-Series


The 100i concept was made available earlier today, introducing like this a brand new series of starter ships. With the 100 series the developers continue their effort to provide players with more starting options. The 100i and its two variants, the 125a ( combat ) and the 135c ( cargo ) are cooler looking starter ships than the Aurora and the Mustang series ( at least until the Mustang rework ), thanks to their luxurious and elegant Origin design.


100-Series Variants

The base 100i is focusing on exploration/touring and has a cargo capacity of 2 SCU.
The 125a, combat variant, comes with upgraded weaponry and more specifically two missile launchers but also military components.
The 135c, cargo variant, can carry 4 more SCU externally, on top of the two SCU of the base model, increasing its overall cargo capacity to 6 SCU.

The 135c specifically will be a great addition to the game and probably an excellent option for many aspiring traders.

AIR Fuel System

The most impressive detail of the new series is the AIR fuel system. The Adaptive Intake Refinery fuel system allows them to scoop a wide range of gases and convert them to fuel while traveling, increasing like this their fuel autonomy and giving them the ability to perform long distance flights, travel farther than other ships of similar size, easier.

The AIR fuel system is a feature that can change the way we experience Star Citizen and affect many combat and not only strategies in the future.

The concept will be available until April 30th 2018.


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