Star Citizen 3.1 Features

star citizen 3.1 features

Star Citizen 3.1 Features


Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • New Features
  • Changes
  • New Ships




Star Citizen Alpha 3.1 is the first quarterly release for Star Citizen in 2018, an update that brings some new features to the game and many more changes to existing content.

Star Citizen 3.1 is a very important update for the development of this ambitious project mainly because it is the first, out of four, already planned updates for 2018. It is basically the first step that will pave the road for a year full of new content and better performance.

This new update does not bring many new features to Star Citizen but it does introduce some interesting and important for the future systems. At the same time the changes on the existing content have as a main goal to balance the gameplay and provide a much better experience to the players.


New Features


With Star Citizen 3.1 the character customizer is making its first steps into the game. With this tool players have for the first time the opportunity to change the appearance of their in-game avatar. For now there is a limited selection of faces, skin tone, hairstyle, hair color and eye color.

The character customizer will continue expanding with every new update and will eventually give us absolute freedom when creating our avatar. The ability to create a female avatar is planned for implementation sometime later this year as well.

Another new feature that greatly affects the existing gameplay in the Persistent Universe is the creation of Service Beacons. With this, players can create their own content and request assistance from others in-game.

With 3.1 there are only two options available when creating a service beacon.  Combat assistance and personal transport. Choose the type of beacon you wish to create, set the payment, your desired destination where applicable, the reputation a player must have in order to be able to see your beacon and broadcast it to the server.

Service Beacons will expand with the next update, Star Citizen 3.2, to include many more options. Like this players will be able to create many different contracts in-game and basically their own unique content.

To complement the feature of Service Beacons, it is now possible to earn reputation by hunting down and killing NPC criminals but also monitor your reputation in your mobiglas.



Equally important are the changes Star Citizen 3.1 brings to the game. These changes include mostly visual improvements that affect the quality of life and make the gameplay and universe of Star Citizen smoother.

The mobiglas has changed significantly since it now covers most of the screen, making it easier for players to navigate through its many applications with the new layout. The quality of the applications themselves has improved as well. It is easier to make changes to our equipment and ships loadouts through the Equipment manager and Vehicle Loadout manager now that the description of items and weapons is better and clear.

The Contract manager is offering a much better look at all the available missions based on their category as well.

The activity of cargo and trading has received an overhaul. The prices in the Persistent Universe have been altered to offer better balance and now also show the first two digits after decimal.

Goods have being redistributed around Crusader with the different locations offering specific commodities but only accepting specific goods as well. Trading kiosks do not buy back commodities bought from them anymore. Changes that create unique trading routes around Crusader, routes the players have to discover.

A new targeting system makes ship combat in Star Citizen 3.1 a lot more enjoyable. The new visor offers a lot more information for your ship and your target’s ship, real time monitoring of receiving and outgoing damage and additional info like EM and IR signatures.

Visual improvements to the planetary surfaces of Star Citizen make the moons of Crusader a lot more realistic, beautiful and inviting to traverse on foot or with one of the ground vehicles available in-game.

New ship weapons were also added to the game, increasing our options when creating ship loadouts.

star citizen 3.1 features

New Ships


Like with every new update Star Citizen 3.1 brings some new fly ready ships to the Persistent Universe.

The Reclaimer, a massive salvager and the biggest ship of Star Citizen available in game.

The Terrapin, a scanning/exploration ship with a focus on discovering Points of Interest and monitoring your enemy’s movements.

The Razor, a dedicated racer from MISC.

The Cyclone, a fun to drive dune buggy.

The Nox Kue, a variant of the AopoA Nox.


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