Star Citizen 3.1 PTU Release

star citizen 3.1

Star Citizen 3.1


The latest Star Citizen update was released to the PTU ( Public Test Universe ) earlier today. Star Citizen 3.1 although not a major update like 3.0, is still an important step forward for Star Citizen for a couple reasons.

Star Citizen 3.1 is going to be the first quarterly release for 2018. An update that will pave the road for a year full of new content and better performance. 3.1 also introduces a number of quality of life changes to the game, providing a better and smoother experience.


Missing Content


The highlight of this update has always been the Network Bind Culling, an essential technology for improving the performance in game. Sadly this feature did not make it in time and was pushed to the next update, later this year.

Another announced feature missing from the current build on the PTU, has to do with two of the new ships 3.1 brings to the game. The Reclaimer, a massive industrial ship and the Terrapin are not yet available but hopefully will become very soon.

Changes & Features


A very important new feature coming with 3.1 is the character customizer. For the first time the players can alter the appearance of their in-game avatar. At the moment there is only a limited selection of heads, skin tone, hairstyle, hair color and eye color. This selection will continue expanding and will offer absolute freedom in the future when creating our character.

The Service Beacons are also making their first steps in the Persistent Universe with Star Citizen 3.1. With this new feature players can create their own content, their own beacon and require assistance from others. Only two options exist right now, combat assistance and personal transport but the beacons will greatly expand with the next update.

Star Citizen 3.1 brings many more small changes to existing features of the game. A cargo overhaul with changes on prices and a redistribution of goods around Crusader, new ship weapons, a weapon buff on the 300 series and visual updates to the planetary locations of Star Citizen.

The new ships of the 3.1 update include the MISC Razor, the Tumbril Cyclone, the Nox Kue and of course the Aegis Reclaimer and the Anvil Terrapin.


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