Star Citizen 3.2 Features

star citizen 3.2 features

Star Citizen 3.2 Features


Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Features
  • Scanning
  • Mining
  • Quantum Travel
  • Shopping Kiosks
  • Party System & Quantum Linking
  • New Ships




Star Citizen 3.2 has been officially released to the live servers, bringing several new features to the game. This is the second quarterly release for Star Citizen in 2018 and a quite important update, since it introduces mining and scanning to the Persistent Universe.

Mining and Scanning might be the highlights of this new release but are not the only important new additions to Star Citizen with Alpha 3.2! Several other features like the new Quantum Travel and the improved party system, help to turn Star Citizen into a much better experience.




Mining may be the most important addition to the game with Star Citizen 3.2 but in reality it could have never been added without scanning.

Scanning in the Persistent Universe is focusing specifically on mining at the moment, giving players the ability to discover mineral deposits. Scanning is utilizing the ping mechanic to pinpoint the location of mine-able rocks, on the surface of the three existing moons, Daymar, Yela and Cellin.

When using the ping mechanic, you increase the passive radar detection range, making it easier for others to discover your location. This does not affect you right now but will have a greater impact on gameplay in the future.

By pressing TAB you can enter your ship’s scanning mode, then hold and release your Left Mouse Button to perform a scan. Scanning is a very easy to use mechanic that will later expand and become one of the most important tools in the game. For now scanning only matters on the Prospector, the only dedicated mining ship available in game but is accessible through every other vessel.

star citizen 3.2 features



The highlight of the new update. Mining is the second major profession added to the game, after trading and an alternative way of making money in the Persistent Universe. Right now there is only one dedicated mining ship in Star Citizen, the Prospector. If you wish to experience mining in Star Citizen you have to use one, since it is the only vessel capable of mining.

After you have pinpointed the location of mine-able rocks with the help of scanning, is time to visit the area and start analyzing the rocks. To do this you have to activate the mining mode of your Prospector by pressing M. Your mining UI will start analyzing automatically the rocks in front of you, giving you some very important info. Mineral composition, instability and resistance levels of a rock determine how valuable the minerals are but also how hard it will be to extract them.

Mining has two modes, Fracture and Extraction, represented with a different UI on your ship. In Fracture mode you are trying to break a rock into several fragments while in Extraction mode you are trying to extract the minerals.

Fracture Mode

The Fracture mode is giving you some additional, important info that will help you with fracturing a rock. Laser Throttle, Rock Energy Level, Fracturing and Overcharge Sensors are essential for performing mining properly and safely. The Rock Energy Level is divided in three zones, white, green and red.

Your main goal when fracturing a rock is to get the fracturing sensor to 100% while avoiding raising the overcharge sensor. To achieve this you will have to get the rock energy level into the green zone by properly adjusting your laser throttle with your mouse wheel and stay there long enough for the fracturing sensor to increase. Every time you enter the red zone the overcharge sensor increases, bringing you closer to a possible fatal rock explosion.

star citizen 3.2 features


Extraction Mode

Once you fracture the rock is time to switch to your Extraction mode by pressing your Right Mouse Button. The initial rock will break into several smaller fragments of which some will be ready for extraction while other will require further fracturing.

In general rocks and fragments the require fracturing will be colored orange while fragments ready for extraction will be colored purple.

Aim the purple fragments and extract the minerals, rinse and repeat until your cargohold is full. After that you can visit one of the three major hubs in-game, Port Olisar, Grim Hex and Levski to sell your mined ores and minerals to one of the new mining kiosks for profit. The new kiosks are located close to the Administrator NPC and the trading kiosks.


Quantum Travel

Quantum Travel has received an overhaul as well. There is now a calibration time and a separate spooling time before you can jump. By pressing B you bring up the local destinations and begin the spooling process. Pick a destination, align yourself to that destination and the calibration will begin automatically.

The option to pick a destination through mobiglass and the Starmap application is still around and a preferred way of traveling for long range jumps. This new method of Quantum travel is a much better option for close range jumps or for when you need to jump quickly.

With this new method you can also hide the Orbital Markers and Points of Interest on the surface of the moons and only bring them up when you want to travel somewhere. It is possible to travel directly to one of the locations on the surface of the moons, even if it is on the other side of that moon. After the jump you will always be around 50 to 70 km only away from your destination.

star citizen 3.2 features


Shopping Kiosks

With the 3.2 update you can also access new shopping kiosks in the various stores of the Persistent Universe. These kiosks allow you to browse and buy the available in every store items, weapons and armors.

For the first time in game it is also possible to buy items in bulk.

The Dumper’s Depot store is also offering ship weapons for in-game currency. This is the first step of adding the ability to buy ships in game in the future.

star citizen 3.2 features


Party System & Quantum Linking

A new party system is offering players the opportunity to play and travel together easier than before. You can invite players from your contact list to a party now or simply interact directly with strangers to add them as contacts and party members.

Members of the same party can perform Quantum Linking and jump in the Persistent Universe together.

star citizen 3.2 features


New Ships

Like with every new update there are some new vessels to fly with and test.

Origin 600i : A luxurious and impressive multi-role vessel from Origin. The 600i is utilizing a modular technology and is available in two variants, a Touring and an Explorer one.

Aegis Eclipse : A stealth bomber, the first of its kind, capable of carrying three size 9 torpedoes.

Anvil Hurricane : A two-seat heavy fighter with a strong weaponry.

Esperia ( Vanduul ) Blade : A fast and deadly light fighter, often used by the Vanduul as a scout and first wave assault craft.

Avenger Rework : The much anticipated rework of the Avenger series, making all Avenger variants bigger and better.

These are the major new features with the new update. Obviously Star Citizen 3.2 is adding even more smaller features and changes to the game that make life in the Verse better.



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