Star Citizen 3.3 Features

star citizen 3.3 features

Star Citizen 3.3 Features


Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Features
  • Object Container Streaming – OCS
  • Small Rest Stop
  • FPS Combat AI
  • Asteroid Mining
  • Buy Ships in-game
  • 3.3 New Ships
  • Other Features




Star Citizen 3.3 has been released after spending a month in the PTU. After having lost the planet Hurston and its moons, alpha 3.3 is a very light update that is basically preparing the game for the next alpha 3.3.5 release and the addition of Hurston.

The first implementation of OCS – Object Container Streaming, the small Rest Stop and the ability to buy ships in-game are the highlights of the 3.3 live release.



Object Container Streaming – OCS

OCS is one of the most important technologies for the future of Star Citizen and with alpha 3.3 is making its first steps in-game.

A technology that helps with performance but mostly benefits already strong rigs. OCS along with Network Bind Culling is essential for adding the planet Hurston in the Persistent Universe but also everything else necessary to make Star Citizen a living, breathing universe.


Small Rest Stop

The first small rest stop is also available in-game with alpha 3.3, a new mini hub with its own stores and market. The rest stops are going to serve as refuel and repair points around the Stanton system, facilitating your trips in the Verse.

star citizen 3.3 features

FPS Combat AI

For the first time ever hostile ground NPC make their appearance in the Persistent Universe. These NPC will provide players with an additional challenge when traveling around or completing missions.

Right now they are available at one only location, Security Post Kareah and in the form of a mission.


Asteroid Mining

The profession of mining is getting an overhaul with new minerals, types of rocks, visual improvements but also the addition of Asteroid Mining. Now it is possible to mine in the asteroid belts around Yela or Delamar and make money out of this activity without ever landing on a moon.

star citizen 3.3 features

Buy Ships in-game

The first ship shop has opened at Levski and it is now possible to buy ships in-game. A limited variety of ships is waiting at Levski to buy and fly around with.

A very early implementation of buying ships in-game that will require a lot of testing to work eventually properly in a bigger Persistent Universe.


3.3 New Ships

With alpha 3.3 several new ships come to the game as well.

Aegis Hammerhead : A heavy turret platform and basically the first Capital Ship in-game.

Constellation Phoenix : The luxury variant of the Constellation series.

Mustang Rework : The new and improved Mustang Starter series.

Anvil Valkyrie : A brand new heavy dropship.

Cyclone Variants : The remaining variants of the Cyclone ground vehicle.

Other Features

These are the most important new features that alpha 3.3 brings to the game. Like always other smaller changes and features are available as well, like visual improvements, changes to missions and weapons, the addition of a new mission giver and the first implementation of FOIP ( Face over IP ) and VOIP ( Vocie over IP ).


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