Star Citizen Aegis Vulcan New Concept

star citizen aegis vulcan


Star Citizen Aegis Vulcan


Earlier today CIG surprised us all by revealing their first concept sale for Star Citizen in 2018, the Aegis Vulcan. The truth is that we were expecting a concept sale to go live sooner or later but the actual surprise lies to the nature of this new ship.

The Vulcan is a multipurpose starter ship, that is focusing on the activities of refuel, repair and rearm. Like this, future owners of the Vulcan will have the ability to test these exciting new professions out and pick the one that suits them the most. A jack of all trades basically that will expand the starter options of Star Citizen.

As a support starter ship, the Vulcan will be capable of assisting fleets or stranded pilots by refueling, rearming and repairing their damage. To achieve this, it comes equipped with an extended fuel tank and four drones. The main mechanic of repairs, rearm and refuel will revolve around the drones, which will be doing all the work but can only perform  one action at a time. The drones will have to return to the Vulcan and change their function in order to perform a different activity.

This new starter ship will have a crew of three persons, a dedicated pilot and two operators sitting on the two support stations, controlling either the drones or the ship’s turrets for protection. A basic crew quarters area, providing basic accommodations, will allow to the crew of the Vulcan to stay in space for longer and complete their tasks.

The Vulcan also comes with a small cargohold of around 12 SCU, to mainly carry supplies. This area could also be used for short range hauling needs, turning the Vulcan into an overall excellent and very desirable starter ship.

The concept sale for the Aegis Vulcan will go live next week, on February 22nd 2018 and will last until the end of March.


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