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star citizen armor

Star Citizen Armor


Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Armor Details
  • Pros & Cons of different Armor
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Welcome to the Star Citizen Armor Guide. Make sure to bookmark the link as i will keep updating this guide for every new update of Star Citizen. The existing armor system in Star Citizen was first introduced with Alpha 3.0

The goal of this system is to give players the ability to customize the appearance of their characters while creating functional loadouts at the same time.


Armor Details


Mix and Match

In the universe of Star Citizen there are already many different armor sets to choose from when equipping your character. It is possible to equip an entire set as it is or mix and match parts from different armor sets.

In total there are five armor slots that you can equip with specific parts or leave empty if you prefer. These slots include the Undersuit ( flight suit ), Head, Torso, Arms and Legs.

The undersuit is an essential part of every armor and you will always have to wear one when in space. You can only wear an undersuit ( flight suit ) if you prefer but by equipping more armor parts you increase your chances of survival while traveling around the verse.

star citizen armor


Armor Types

Furthermore Armor sets and parts are divided in different types based on their damage protection.

Right now in Star Citizen exist light, medium and heavy Armor sets. Light armor has a 20% damage protection, medium armor has a 40% damage protection and heavy armor has a 60% damage protection.

Traveling around with only an undersuit ( flight suit ) offers zero damage protection.


Pros & Cons of different Armor


As it is easy to understand the heavier your armor the better the protection it offers is. By equipping a heavy armor set you can survive more enemy shots and in general have more time to react to threats.

Additionally, heavier armor sets offer more weapon and utility items slots. So the heavier your armor, the more items like medpens, grenades and weapons you can carry.

The biggest drawback of wearing heavy armor sets is that they prevent you from sprinting for long and consume your stamina faster. This can be quite dangerous in situations where you have to run away or seek cover fast.

Thanks to the ability to mix and match parts from different Armor sets though you can combine light, medium and heavy armor parts to find the perfect balance of stamina usage, protection and number of items you can carry.

Usually a good combination consists of a heavy or medium part on the Torso with light armor parts on the Legs and Arms.

star citizen armor


Where to buy Armor from


Different Armor sets are available for purchase in all three major hubs, Port Olisar, Grim Hex and Levski.

These locations have their own unique atmosphere and personality and they offer a variety of different Armor sets, several of which are unique to them. In general Port Olisar is offering law enforcement – like, civilian Armor sets, Grim Hex is offering Outlaw themed sets and Levski a mix of both.

You can buy Armor directly from the sets on exhibit or by using the shopping kiosks inside the stores.



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