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Star Citizen Aurora MR


Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Role
  • Equipment
  • Variants




Welcome to the Aurora MR and the Aurora series in general review. Make sure to bookmark the link as i will keep updating this page whenever there are changes to the ships. The Aurora MR is one of the two main starter ships available in the game, along the Mustang Alpha. It belongs to the Aurora series of ships, that have as a goal to help new players to become familiar with various aspects of Star Citizen. It is a single seat ship, meant to carry one only player around.




As a starter ship, its capabilities are rather limited. Its goal is to be a jack of all trades, trying to teach new players the ropes of the game. Some activities, like cargo, suit it better than other, like combat. The main objective of the Aurora MR and the entire Aurora series is to show you what is out there for you to do, to pick what you like the most and not to excel at it from the beginning.




Like with every other ship in the game, the Aurora MR comes with its own unique equipment, including utility and weapons, that will help its owner to survive and progress in the verse.


The weapons it bears are not something special and their main role is to provide protection, means to defend yourself when under attack. In total it comes with four size one mounts and a size 2 missile rack.

The four size one mounts it has can bear inefficient size one weapons while the missile rack can carry two size 2 missiles for additional firepower.

For protection, the Aurora MR relies on its two small size shields. In general it is not a very fast nor agile in combat ship, so combat should be avoided if possible.


The Aurora MR comes with an utility mount as well, a mount where you could equip a tractor beam for example.

In the interior you can find a bed, which works as a logging out mechanism but also a small area to place cargo crates manually. The cockpit has been revamped and is offering a much better experience than before. There are six displays available to the pilot so you can always monitor important info and stats about your ship but also a 3D Radar to help you with traveling.

Truth be told the visibility from the cockpit is not the best, mainly because of the struts around it, obstructing view.

The official cargo capacity of the Aurora MR is 3 SCU, a sufficient capacity that will help you start your career as a trader and make some money.




The Aurora MR is just one of the five variants of the Aurora series. Most of the Aurora ships focus more on roles like cargo and exploration with the only exception being the Aurora LN, which serves as the dedicated fighter of the series.

Aurora ES

Pretty much identical to the Aurora MR in not only equipment but behavior as well.

Aurora CL

The mercantile variant of the Aurora series with double the cargo capacity of the Aurora MR

Aurora LX

The luxury variant of the series that can also work as an exploration ship.

Aurora LN

The dedicated combat variant with stronger missiles and weapons. The LN comes with two size 1 and two size 2 mounts, as well as a better missile rack that can carry up to four size two missiles.


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