Star Citizen New Player Guide 3.0

star citizen new player guide


Star Citizen New Player Guide




Welcome to the Star Citizen New Player Guide for Star Citizen 3.0. The goal of this guide is to help you become familiar with the new features of Star Citizen 3.0 and enjoy everything this update has to offer to the fullest.

Star Citizen 3.0 introduced many new features that have changed the game as we knew it. As a result the Persistent Universe was expanded and many new paths were opened for the players.


New Locations


Obviously the highlight of Star Citizen 3.0 is the addition of the first planetary bodies to the game. Four moons were added in total, the three moons around Crusader, Yela, Cellin, Daymar and the planetoid of Delamar along with its landing zone of Levski. Each one of these moons has its own unique atmosphere, gravity and conditions that make every trip to their surface as realistic as possible. A very important detail about the planetary bodies of Star Citizen, is that they also have their own rotational motion with dynamic day/night cycles, a fact that is also affecting our travels in the verse.

On the planetary surface of these moons we can find a plethora of ground outposts, serving a specific purpose. Mining outposts, hydroponics, research facilities, emergency shelters but also illegal facilities are waiting for us to visit them and fulfill our goals, whether that is a simple exploration or business trip.

On the surface of the moons we can also discover many derelict sites with most of them being directly tied to the new mission system.

With the addition of Levski, we have at the moment three major landing zones in the game, Port Olisar, Grim Hex and Levski itself. These places are perfect for a number of different activities like trading, shopping clothes, armor or weapons and meeting with one of the two mission givers. At the moment players begin their journey aboard the space station of Port Olisar, orbiting Crusader and spawn there every time. In the future every player will be able to pick his spawning point of choice.

star citizen new player guide



Star Citizen 3.0 added for the first time professions in-game and more specifically cargo activities, that allow players to try and become successful traders in the verse. Players are free to buy/sell goods, found in not only one of the three major landing zones but also on the ground outposts around the moons of Crusader.

In every location, that has goods available for purchase, you can find trading kiosks to interact with and choose the commodity you wish to buy or sell. At the moment the variety of goods is limited but will expand with future updates. Not all places sell the same commodities. The economy of Star Citizen is making its first steps and although limited, is still dynamic and realistic.




Many new missions were added to the game as well, expanding the gameplay and offering content for every player, regardless of their preferences.  Many of the new missions are tied to the derelict sites found around Crusader, in space but on the ground as well but also to the cargo activities and the profession of trading. Delivery, maintenance, mercenary and investigation missions are waiting for you to accept and complete them, offering rewards in the form of aUEC but also increased reputation.

By completing missions and building up your reputation, you can eventually meet with one of the two mission givers that exist in game right now. Miles Eckhart, waiting for you at Levski and Ruto, lurking in the shadows of Grim Hex.




Some of the most interesting new additions of the Star Citizen 3.0 update include the mechanics of Item 2.0, Stamina & Oxygen system and the new armor system.

Item 2.0 and the new interaction system allow players to control better their ships and interact with the world around them easier than before. By pressing and holding “F” you enter into interaction mode and can interact with pretty much everything in front of you, from the displays inside your cockpit to the doors of Port Olisar.

Players now have a limited amount of oxygen that depletes over time when not in a breathable atmosphere. Stamina is depleted fast as well, if you sprint or jump all the time. The two systems are tied to each other, since if you push your character to his limits by consuming stamina fast, you increase his heart rate that as a result can have an impact on your breathing and the faster consumption of oxygen.

Thanks to the new armor system we can now mix and match parts from different armor sets, creating our own unique style like this. Light, medium, heavy armor parts and sets, offer a different protection from damage but also affect our stamina and oxygen. The heavier an armor is, the better protection it offers but the faster it consumes your stamina and oxygen when sprinting, jumping.



The mobiglas is in Star Citizen 3.0 the best and most essential tool for every player. Thanks to its many, useful applications we can control every aspect of our everyday life in the verse with it. Browse and accept missions, equip armor, weapons, clothes but also ship weapon and components on our vessels. We can even use the mobiglas to set our course and travel from one location of the Stanton system to another with the Starmap application.




The persistence in-game has also expanded as well, including now our ships, aUEC, equipment,, ammo. If we leave our ship on the surface of Yela for example, next time we log into the game it will be waiting for us there. Thanks to the new insurance system though, we can claim our ship and have it delivered to our location.


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