Bengal Carrier

star citizen bengal carrier

Star Citizen Bengal Carrier


Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Role
  • Equipment
  • How to Acquire a Bengal Carrier
  • Bengal Persistence




Welcome to the Star Citizen Bengal Carrier Review. Make sure to bookmark the link as i will keep updating the page whenever there are changes to this ship. The Bengal Carrier is the biggest capital ship in Star Citizen that players will be able to acquire and use.

With an estimated crew of 755 persons and a length of around 1000 meters, the Bengal is the pride of the UEE fleet and a prize many player-owned organizations will decide to go after.

The most iconic vessel and capital ship of Star Citizen that was first introduced to the public with the project’s Kickstarter announcement video.




The Bengal Carrier is first and foremost a military Capital Ship. An impressive vessel with a menacing and imposing new look that has helped the UEE and humanity in the lore of Star Citizen, to expand and thrive.

Its main role is to establish presence and project the power of its owner. But it can also engage hostiles and destroy a small or medium sized fleet by itself thanks to its numerous weapon systems and the fleet of spaceships it can carry in its hangar.

A massive capital ship that will serve as a flagship for Organizations and a sign of prosperity and might.

star citizen bengal carrier


The Bengal comes with its own unique equipment, that will help you survive and achieve your goals in the verse.


The Bengal Carrier is equipped with several dozens of anti-fighter and anti-capital turrets that can protect it from any kind of threat. The number of its weapons is calculated at around ninety, turning the Bengal into a fearsome and deadly opponent.

Its most impressive weapon is the massive ship buster Railgun. A weapon the size of an Idris frigate, that allows to the Bengal to destroy other capital ships with ease.


The true power of the Bengal Carrier lies in its belly and its hangar.

Thanks to this hangar the Bengal can carry multiple squadrons of fighters, bombers and support crafts. A fleet capable of dealing with hostiles even without assistance from other capital ships.

How to Acquire a Bengal Carrier


The Bengal Carrier is the largest Capital ship in Star Citizen that players will be able to acquire and use. But it will be impossible to buy one.

The only way to get a Bengal is to find one as a derelict ship in the Persistent Universe. Or attack the UEE and steal one! The original plan is to have a small number of Bengal Carriers seeded in the Persistent Universe that players can discover and repair.

An innovative way of allowing players to own the most impressive capital ship of the game. The task of fully repairing a derelict ship of that size though will be hard to achieve and will require several hundreds of players and millions of in-game currency.

It is obvious that only very big organizations or alliances will be able to ever own a Bengal Carrier.


Bengal Persistence


The Bengal is a persistent ship which means that you cannot log one out of the game. It will always be online attracting other hostile organizations that wish to steal it from you.

Another reason why only very big organizations will be able to have one. You will need several dozens of players to always be online guarding the pride of your fleet, if you do not wish to see enemies destroying or taking it from you.

It might be a powerful capital ship but it can still be vulnerable to torpedo attacks and well organized fleets if alone. This is why it is important to always accompany a Bengal with at least a dozen more capital ships, creating a strong shield to protect it.


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