Star Citizen How to Make Money – Mining

star citizen how to make money

Star Citizen How to Make Money


Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Mineral Deposits
  • Value of Minerals
  • Mining Techniques




Welcome to the Star Citizen How to make Money guide for Mining. Make sure to bookmark this link as i will keep updating this guide for every new update of Star Citizen. The goal of this guide is to help you make money in the expanded Persistent Universe by discovering, extracting and selling the right minerals.

This is a more advanced guide about Mining, focusing on techniques that will help you maximize your profits.

The profession of Mining was added to the Persistent Universe with the Alpha 3.2 update, introducing an alternative way of making money in the verse.


Mineral Deposits


Before you embark on your mining trip, is important to know the different types of mineral deposits that already exist in the game. These deposits contain a variety of different minerals, each with its own unique value.

The mineral deposits that exist in Star Citizen right now are Granite, Shale, Quartzite, Igneous and Obsidian. Knowing what kind of minerals you can extract from them will help you discover the specific mineral you are looking for, faster and easier.

For example Laranite can be found in Granite deposits, Aluminum in Shale, Quartz in Quartzite, Tungsten in Igneous. Most minerals are not exclusive to one only deposit though. Gold can be found in Igneous, Quartzite and Shale deposits. Still is good to know where you might find a mineral, especially if you are after a specific one.

And you should be looking for specific minerals if you are after profit, simply because not all of them have the same value.

star citizen how to make money


Value of Minerals


Not all minerals worth the same. Some have a greater value than other and you should be looking for them.

Laranite, Agricium, Diamond and Gold are some high value minerals in the Persistent Universe right now. It makes sense to look for them when mining and ignore the other. So knowing in which deposits they can be found will only make the whole process faster and easier for you. Diamond for example can be found in Granite and Quartzite deposits.

But is not only the type of a mineral that determines your profit when selling them. The most important factor when determining the final profit is the percentage of that mineral inside a deposit.

When you visit one of the mining kiosks around Crusader, to sell your mined ores, you can see that the majority of your cargohold consists of “inert materials”. Materials that do not worth much and drop the price significantly.

This is happening because refining techniques are not yet in-game nor the ability to dump these materials and continue mining.

star citizen how to make money

Your goal as a miner, should be to extract valuable minerals with higher percentage and reduce the “inert materials” as much as possible.

The right combination of a high value mineral and a high percentage could net you a nice profit but sometimes it might make sense to mine a not so valuable ore instead.

If for example you have two rocks in front of you, one containing 0,52% Agricium and the other 4% Tungsten, it would make more sense to ignore the more valuable Agricium in favor of Tungsten because you will make a better profit like this.

For the best profit possible you should be looking for the most balanced combination of valuable mineral and high percentage.


Mining Techniques


There are some additional info that might help you with extracting even the hardest minerals.


Distance matters when mining. The further away you are from a rock, the less effective your mining laser is. By getting closer to a rock you can fracture even the hardest deposit and gain access to its minerals.

Adjusting your speed, going back and forth, is a great technique to fracture a rock, similar to adjusting your laser throttle in terms of effectiveness.

star citizen how to make money

Size of Rock

When fracturing, the size of a rock matters as well. Smaller rocks, fragments require less power to break which makes them easier to fracture but also more dangerous if you are careless or distracted.

Removing Laser from Target

Another technique that could make fracturing easy for you is to remove your laser momentarily from your target. Like this you reduce the power applied to the rock and can remain in the green zone without difficulties.

Obviously using all these three techniques together will make your life when mining easier.

Green Zone Size and Location

The more valuable a mineral is, the further away and smaller its green zone will be. This is a great indication of the possible profit you can get from a deposit. If it is too easy to reach the green zone and stay there, it will probably not worth your time to stick around and you should move to the next rock.

One last thing i would like to mention is that one rock is enough now to fill your Prospector’s cargohold. So choose wisely based on your goals and the profit you are after.


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