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star citizen how to make money


Star Citizen How to make money


Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Changes
  • Trading Principles
  • Where and How to Trade
  • What to Trade



Welcome to the Star Citizen How to make Money guide for Trading. Make sure to bookmark this link as i will keep updating this guide for every new update of Star Citizen. The goal of this guide is to help you make money in the expanded Persistent Universe by trading goods and commodities.

Cargo activities were added to the verse with Star Citizen 3.0 expanding the offered gameplay and giving us the opportunity to pursue the career of a trader for the first time in game.




I have updated the Star Citizen How to make Money guide with the recent cargo changes Star Citizen 3.1 brought to the game. These include changes to prices, a redistribution of goods and a limited selection of goods, space stations and outposts are willing to buy or sell.


Trading principles


Trading in Star Citizen, like in real life, is following specific principles that we need to understand and accept if we want to start making money. The most fundamental rule of every successful trader is buying low, selling high. Always be on the lookout for the cheapest prices and opportunities to make a good profit.

Prices in Star Citizen follow the rule of supply and demand. The economy of Star Citizen, despite being limited, is indeed dynamic. Prices in the expanded Persistent Universe will change depending on the volume of trading going on. Keeping an eye on the price fluctuation of a specific commodity, will help you understand when it is time to stop trading it and protect you from a loss.

The more money you spend and the bigger the cargo capacity of your ship, the more money you can make. Always keep this rule in mind, you have to spend money to make money.

The official in-game currency of Star Citizen later will be the UEC but right now for alpha testing purposes, we trade, buy and sell pretty much everything with aUEC.

Where and How to Trade


Since the expanded Persistent Universe is quite limited at the moment, there are not many places to buy/sell goods and commodities. The major trading hubs of the Stanton system are the three major landing zones that exist in-game right now. Port Olisar, Grim Hex and Levski. This is where we can primarily buy or sell goods for profit. The whole trading activity is going through the trading kiosks, that are located always in front of the administration office in the area.

By accessing the trading kiosk we can browse a number of available goods at every location and see their buying price, the price we will have to pay per unit in order to purchase a specific commodity. Not all goods are available at every location, a fact that will have an impact on the price. Some goods sell better than others depending on the location.

Through the trading kiosks we can choose the ship we want to load with our freshly bought goods. A ship’s cargo capacity is measured in Standard Cargo Units, SCU, with one SCU corresponding to one hundred units of a commodity. So if your ship has a cargo capacity of six SCU, that basically means that you can carry up to 600 units of the commodity you wish to buy/sell.

In the trading kiosks we can see the buying prices of goods only by default. The price of each commodity will include the first two digits after decimal, giving us a clear understanding of the final price we will have to pay. In order to see the selling price of a commodity we must have some of this commodity in the cargohold of our ship.

The three major landing zones are the trading hubs of the game right now but they are not the only places to buy/sell goods. If you wish, you can visit one of the ground outposts located on the surface of the three moons around Crusader, Yela, Cellin or Daymar. You can find the trading kiosks in the outposts, as well as an NPC administrator officer, inside the “storage” buildings.

To provide incentives for players to perform trading at these locations, prices are slightly better in outposts allowing us to achieve a much better profit. The different ground outposts are also specialized mini markets, offering specific commodities based on their type. Mining outposts for example sell minerals, metals, gas but every outpost sell different goods. So it will not be possible to find laranite, everywhere. Hydroponics sell food, spirits and research facilities sell medical supplies. You can buy these goods at a cheaper price than the major trading hubs but ground outposts will also have a limited number of goods available to sell to you.

With the Alpha 3.1 update, goods were redistributed around Crusader. Space stations and outposts now offer a limited variety of goods, a change that makes traveling around the various places of the Persistent Universe in order to find the best deals, essential.

At the same time places now don’t buy commodities they are already selling or buying back commodities you have just bought from them. This change is giving further emphasis to the need of having a clear trading strategy in order to avoid a money loss.

star citizen how to make money



What to Trade


The best way to start trading, for a new player or someone with a limited capital, is by buying the cheapest commodities first, making a small but steady profit. Goods like waste, agricultural supplies or scrap are the best to fill your cargohold when you start trading. Any commodity with a price below 1 or 2 aUEC will be an excellent start at this point.

Experienced Trader

After you get some more money you can start trading fluorine, beryl or astatine, more expensive to buy goods that will net you a bigger profit though. High end commodities that will net you the best profit include commodities like laranite, medical supplies and agricium.


Best Ships to Make Money with

Some ships are better than other when performing cargo activities. My two favorite starter cargo ships are the Avenger Titan and the Reliant Kore with 8 SCU and 4 SCU of cargo capacity respectively. The Cutlass Black, Freelancer but also the 600i Explorer are some excellent mid-range cargo ships that will help you make a lot of money. After that you can use one of the Constellations, the Reclaimer, the Starfarer or the Caterpillar for high end trading and to achieve the best possible profit.


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