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Star Citizen Idris Frigate


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Welcome to the Star Citizen Idris Review. Make sure to bookmark the link as i will keep updating the page whenever there are changes to this ship. The Idris Frigate is one of the most interesting Capital Ships of Star Citizen. The Idris is the only capital ship with two variants, the Idris – M and the Idris – P. Two very similar capital ships but with their own distinct role in the game.

The Idris will be an important addition to any military fleet in the Persistent Universe but will also be the focus of the Squadron 42 single player campaign.




The Idris, as the only frigate in game for now, will be an essential part of every military fleet, NPC or player owned, in the verse. Despite lacking the heavier armor and the stronger weaponry of other capital ships, its armament is strong enough to engage hostiles or keep enemies at bay.

The Idris in reality is quite flexible and thanks to its equipment can operate as a flagship, assault craft, mini-carrier or support vessel carrying supplies. Obviously the role of an Idris inside a military and not only fleet, depends a lot on the variant used.

The Idris has an estimated crew at around eight to twenty eight persons. That means that medium size or even smaller organizations can use this capital ship effectively.


The Idris Frigate is the only Star Citizen Capital Ship with two different variants, the Idris – M and the Idris – P.

The Idris – M is the dedicated combat variant of the Idris Frigate, with more and stronger weapons. Engaging targets, going after other capital ships and in general being part of an assault are roles that this variant could fulfill with success.

The Idris – P on the other hand, is sacrificing most of its weapons to achieve better speed and a bigger cargo capacity. Because of this, is more suited to support roles like carrying supplies or personnel to and from the battlefield.



The Idris comes with its own unique equipment, that will help you survive and achieve your goals in the verse.


Regarding the weapons of the Idris, there are significant differences between the two variants.

The armament of the Idris – M is truly impressive, mainly thanks to the size 10 Destroyer Mass Driver it bears. A railgun that can disable or even destroy other, bigger capital ships or outposts.

To complement this fearsome railgun the Idris – M also comes with eight turrets, equipped with sixteen weapons. Two size 7, ten size 5 and four size 4 as well as a missile rack with ten size 5 missiles.

The Idris – P on the other hand is sacrificing many of these weapons to achieve a more supportive role in a fleet. This is why it comes with an empty size 10 mount and ten turrets with twenty weapons. Eight size 4, twelve size 5 and no missiles. Despite having more weapons of smaller size, no missiles and neither the size 10 railgun of the Idris – M, the weaponry of the Idris – P variant still make it a formidable opponent.

For protection both variants rely on two capital and twelve medium shields.


One of the best characteristics of the Idris Frigate is the very useful hangar both variants come with. This hangar allows to both to carry up to three fighters and an argo MPUV support craft. The existence of this hangar increases the flexibility of the Idris and allows to the owner to perform a number of different tasks.

Bringing reinforcements to a fight, transporting supplies and personnel around are some of the actions an Idris can take.

star citizen idris


Additional Info

The number of crew required to run an Idris effectively in the Persistent Universe will be somewhere between eight and twenty eight. For the needs of the Squadron 42 single player campaign though the crew of the Idris has been increased to 81, including the player. This happened in order to make the ship feel more alive.

The Idris originally was introduced as a Corvette and only later became a Frigate. The ship was named after the victorious battle of Idris IV against the Tevarin.


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